Monday, May 31, 2010

Penang Beef Curry from Chinese Dragon Rocks

I have been a fan of chinese dragon for a long time but they have so much great stuff on their menus that there were three items which had been hidden away from my hungry eyes for all these years. But recently I was invited for dinner at a friends and managed to sample some of these dishes. I actually have to thanks the torrential downpours for this pleasant surprise cos the hopper lady who was supposed to be on duty could not turn up as her house was flooded. Guess every dark cloud has a silver lining cos the hosts decided to order the food from Chinese Dragon. Well to cut a long story short my first fav dish was the Penang Beef curry which was a reddish spicey curry which came mixed with streaks of coconut milk and chillie flakes. And to my absolute delight it was very very spicey. Actually Fiery would be the better word to describe it.
The secondl dish was another thick yellowish curry called Indonesian style prawn curry again the flavour was unique and I just can't describe it however much I try.
The third dish which was a reccomendation by the hostess which I ordered another day was "Lemon chicken" it is similar to sweet and sour chicken but is much nicer and in a lemony sauce.
Oh and another secret if you really want a super pork "bite" then you should get them to do you a sri lankan stle pepper spare ribs. It is not on the menu and only a few know of it but damn it is amazing. Well kudos to Chinese Dragon for creating the best "Sri Lankan Chinese" cuisine in the world.


Siribiris said...

I’m not an average “Food Critic” guy, but when it comes to my all time favorite restaurant in Colombo, it is an exception.
The first time I tasted “Chinese Dragon “food, it really open my taste buds –like opening the gate to heaven. Ever since I became a devoted fan of them.

Here are some of my favorites:

Wet style, Dragon Special Rice
Pork in coconut curry
Fish in coconut curry

It’s being a while I last visited the place, so the names may have changes but not the taste, I guess. It is that wonderful aroma, the unique taste and the correct texture which hit you like “Crack Cocaine” while makes you close the eyes at first bite –Yep, love at first bite.

And, I discovered, it is not just hot stuff like chilly/pepper which trigger us, but coconut does it in it's own way.

Long-live “Dragon” till we meet next time

Anonymous said...

Its called "Beef Randang" a speciality here in Malaysia. I love it too