Thursday, April 12, 2018

Want to stop people shitting all over you?

Then the first thing is to stop them climbing over your head.
This was the train of thought in a conversation I had recently on how to deal with bullies.
Bullies come in many forms. Not necessarily the type who push you around or say bad things at you when you were young. They could be in the form of friends colleagues or even relations. One thing about bullies is that they will keep exerting pressure till you snap. The more you yield the more pressure they will exert.
Sadly many of us don't realize this. We allow the bully to exert more and more pressure on us hoping they will stop at a certain point. But they never do and they never will. Then when finally the damn bursts the collateral damage is quite bad. Relationships are shattered as egos are hurt and sometimes the pieces will never be able to be put back together once more.
However their is an alternative to avoiding extensive collateral damage. That is to resist right at the beginning when you realize someone is bullying you. By nipping things in the bud you can turn your bullies into faithful allies. It has happened to me.
The more I think about it the analogy of not allowing people to climb on top of your head makes sense in this kind of situation.
Because when they are on top of your head and you push them off then the fall to the ground and the consequences are far more damaging. It is far more easier and far less damaging to brush them off when they are clamoring around your ankles.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Have you heard of the Insulin Index?

If you are like me it is highly likely that you have not.
And like me if you have been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce weight I am quite sure you might be quite familiar with the Glycemic Index or "GI" as we all know it.
I used to follow the GI quite religiously and eat a lot of proteins and egg whites thinking I was being healthy.
Then I came across this video by Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube which quite literally turned my world upside down.
What I realized was that certain low GI foods can be as bad as high GI foods. Because they too can trigger insulin.
For instance weigh protein, Beef and Egg whites all trigger insulin in your system. Which means it is really not helping you to loose weight. The only way to reduce its Insulin creating capability is to mix it with good fat such as butter or coconut oil or the yolk when it comes to eggs.
Now I know some of you who have been throwing away the nice, juicy pieces of fat in your meats must be banging your heads in absolute frustration. Do not despair.
Because if you are like me and love all things "bacon" then you will be delighted to know that that is one of the few foods which is really low on the Insulin Index. Yeah!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Do you know what a wake lock is?

I did not think so. Neither did I to be honest.
Until quite recently when my trusty Samsung note 4 started acting up. It suddenly started lagging or going into standby mode and not waking up. It also used to restart automatically at the most crucial moments. Leaving me helpless in the middle of a client call or whilst wanting to order a cab in a hurry.
I wiped the cache. Did a factory reset. Not once but maybe a dozen of times to no avail. After much suffering I realized that it was not necessarily something wrong with my phone; it could be something wrong with the software. And I was right. After going through some of the android forums I found that there were many Note 4 users who were experiencing the same thing as I was thanks to the the marshmallow 6 update.
Fortunately one particular post I was reading talked about a wake lock. Which turned out to be a simple piece of software which prevents the phone from going into standby mode. I must confess that the description of the google play page and the screen captures of GUI really did not give me any confidence. Mainly because it is described as a power manager (which reads as battery saver in my non tech eyes) However I took a leap of faith and installed the software. And it did the trick.
What relief! I must admit that my phone was not 100% back to normal. Maybe it was back to 80% of what it was. But that was good enough for me. It gave me the freedom to bide my time in getting a new phone instead of having to rush into it in emergency mode.
I am so grateful for that single article about the wake lock. I am sure there must be thousands of others who are experiencing the same problem I did and I sincerely hope that you come across this article and it helps you to come up with a decent solution.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Sunsets, Cocktails and Solitude

It is 5.30 in the evening. You are seated by the sea.
The wind blows through your hair. The sound of waves gently slapping against the rocks gives you a strange sense of comfort.
You take a sip of a delicious cocktail and heave a sigh of relief as you feel the days stress evaporate off your body whilst your eyes feast on a magnificent sunset. 
You smile contentedly to yourself knowing that this is a luxury only you will enjoy and that there is no one else around to disturb your peace.
Sounds quite amazing doesn't it?
Somehow I thought to enjoy this kind of experience one would have to go out of town. Maybe deep down south on a non mercantile holiday. But to my delight I discovered that one could immerse ones self in such an experience in the heart of the city.
At the Sea Spray sea food restaurant of the Galle Face Hotel.
Their is a high probability you might not have heard of it. 
The Sea Spray restaurant is a poor imitation of  Kingsbury's Ocean and Cinnamon Grands Lagoon. They might fall short on quality but one thing they have over the others is an amazing sea view slap bang by its side.
Those few who have heard of it know it as a some what popular dining destination.
Only a tiny minority know that the restaurant opens their bar at 5 in the evening so that you can sit on the terrace and sip  a cocktail enjoying a picture post card view of a stunning sun set.
Sadly their kitchen opens only at 7 so you really don't have anything substantial to munch on, other than the few bread fruit chips which they place on your table. Sadly they were not in a position to deliver food from the coffee shop or main kitchen when I asked them if they would do so.
It is indeed a shame. 
But this is just a tiny irritant when compared to the total wow of the experience you are getting.  For the price of a single drink at that.
Now that you have heard about it I am sure you are wanting to go and check it out. Please do. But do me a favour? Don't tell anyone else about it. Lets keep it our little secret.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


What do you give a woman?

A woman who has everything?

Everything... except

Love, care and tenderness

You can't buy it off the shelf

You cannot order it off ebay, Amazon or takas dot lk

You can't wrap it up....

Or have it presented in a wicker basket...

With babies breath, assorted greenery and a quaint little card made of recycled paper...

No you can't pour it into a bottle...

Not even the fancy ones with divine shapes and vibrant colors

With spray nozzlez on top which they call atomizers...

Winnie the poo said it is a feeling...

I am sure you consider that thought is appealing

But I am gallantly searching

How to catch;

bottle or wrap?

The tenderness of a gentle kiss on ones forhead

The warmth of a long hug which goes beyond minutes

the soft texture of lips on skin

But so far

All I have come up with....

is zilch.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Prawn 65 - The dish that taught me a life lesson

Generally life lessons are learnt when you face something tragic or some kind of hardship.
But in my case I learnt a life lesson in a lovely restaurant experiencing something delicious.
Life is indeed bliss!
I love their "Chai tea"
This happened when I stepped into one of my favourite haunts Chutneys at the Cinnamon Grand. I find going through a menu somewhat of a chore. Especially when I am sipping on an amazingly lovely Chai tea which they are famous for. So I decided to ask the waiter instead. After all he came across as a rather nice and helpful chap with a willing to please attitude.
This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
The amazingly tasty prawn dish with the uninspiring name!
He recommended a prawn dish which was out of this world and truly a sensation on the palate. Later on I asked him to point out the dish on the menu so I could order it another day as well as recommend it to my friends. It was then that I was told that this dish was a new invention by the chef and that it was not on the menu. In fact at that particular time it was not even named. Though now it boasts the uninspiring moniker of "Prawn 65".
Somehow this little incident made me put my philosophical hat on.
It made me realise that this is quite similar to how most of us make decisions in life. We try to choose from a menu of "expected/established" choices instead of looking beyond the pages for that perfect solution .
The Chutny's Margarita's are wonderful too!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The difference between Genuine Love and Attachment

Came across this amazingly insightful video on youtube which I wanted to share. Below is the transcript of what was said: "The problem is that always we mistake the idea of love forattachment. We imagine that the grasping and clinging that we have for in our relationships shows that we love, where as actually it is justattachment, which causes pain. Because the more we grasp, the more we are afraid to lose, then if we do lose, of course we are going to suffer.
Attachment says: you know I love you, therefore I want you to make me happy.
Genuine love says: I love you, therefore I want you to be happy. If that includes me, great. If it doesn't include me, I just want your happiness.
Attachment is like holding very tight, but genuine love is like holding very gently, nurturing, but allowing things to flow, not to be held tightly.
The more tight we hold on to others the more we will suffer, but it's very hard for people to understand that, because they think that the more they hold on to someone, the more it shows that they care about them,but it's not.
Its really just that they're holding and grasping so tightly because they are afraid that they themselves will be hurt.
Any kind of relationship that imagines that we can fulfill ourselves through another, is bound to be tricky.
Ideally people should come together already feeling fulfilled within themselves, and thus just appreciating that in the other, rather that expecting the other to supply that well-being, which they don't (but should) feel on their own..."
- Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo