Saturday, February 16, 2013

Black berry slave no more…

When everyone around me was shifting to android based phones and i-phones I held on to my black berry tight. Regardless of what was happening around me. Regardless of the taunts from people telling me  how old fashioned and  how out of date I was. The i-phone was nice but I did not want to be an i-clone. None of the other android based phones really tickled my fancy. One other major fact which contributed to the fact of me hesitating to switch was my complete dislike to be typing on a touch screen opposed to a normal key board. I loved my Blackberry and it suited my personality like some people like their Volvos. Not as aggressive as a BMW or loud as  a Mercedes Benz. Quiet, sophisticated and understated that’s exactly what I wanted. And I was ready to compromise because I was in my comfort zone
Then I got myself a Blackberry 9900 which was the beginning of the end. For a top end phone it was bad. Really bad. Firstly the battery did not last long it gave me less than two hours talk time. Which means I had to walk all over the place with lots of spare batteries around. Which was an absolute pain in the ass. To add insult to injury the processor could not keep up with the capacity of the phone which meant constant hard restarts and the phone getting stuck midway of some action. Finally I could not take it no more and I made the move to a Samsung Note 2.
Holy Cow! What a change it was. It was so fast and reliable. The freedom of having to move about without lugging stand by battery packs was exhilarating. What a lot I have been missing out on.
But you know the amazing thing? I still miss my Blackberry.

Friday, February 8, 2013

I finally found the ultimate burger... yeah!

I am always on the lookout for a good burger joint.
I mean I have had a few good burgers in my forays into the world of all things food but none of them have made me stand up on my chair and sing hosannas as to how good it is.
At least till now.
Finally I believe that I have found the ultimate burger.
And it was in the last place I expected to find a burger instead of the ultimate burger.
Believe it or not I found it in the Paradise Road Gallery Café.
Yes, it is renowned for its good food in the fine dining arena. But what they have done to the burger is amazing. Just writing about it makes my mouth water.
 They generally say a picture says a thousand words. Sadly in this case it only tells half the story. One has to experience the flavor and bask in its bliss to really appreciate it. Trust me when I say this  it could be easily described as orgasmic.