Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A lesson we can learn from an elephant!

This is something which I heard while attending a training with Dhammika Kalapuge and I thought it was worth sharing.
Do you know that elephants are tied to little stakes in the ground and they have the stregnth to easily break free of them if they want to? But they never do. This is because when they were young they could not break away from them to the trees they were tied on. And this message has been imprinted on their brain and hold them back for the rest of their lives. They say an elephant never forgets and it is true but sadly it is sommething which hinders his progress. The truth is that us human beings are also like this elephant most of the time. We come up with lots of negative memories and past experiences and use them as excuses for why we cant achieve what we want to. Or say to ourselves we are not good at certain things convincing ourselves that is impossible. When in reality it is not the case. I think sometimes it is much easier to come up with excuses than to try and face the possibility of dissapointment. Sometimes the main obstacle to ones progress is ones own self. We need to try and break away from our negative culture and try and develop a positive consciousness and the day we do that we can unleash our true potential. Of course it is easier said than done.

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magerata said...

How True, Never thought of it this way. But I was always skeptical of those small ropes or chains that held those big elephants.