Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gosh What am I going to do now?

Here I am with so much to get off my chest but not being able to get it out... well at least one thing is for sure the title of oxymoron seems quite apt dont you think? Well let me start by doing a small introduction about myself. I am a walking contradiction. A happy unhappy soul who is constantly frustrated about the way things are going in his country.... all because of human greed.
I work in an agency with a great bunch of people... I consider myself a creative person but I cant draw and I cant write.... he he guess thats why I call myself a living contradiction... but i must confess my team members are like family to me... in fact sometimes I wonder if they mean more than my family to me... guess that can happen when you spend the major part of ur waking moments with a bunch of people you share lots of emotions with. Well its a quiet sunday evening here in Sri Lanka and suddenly my first attempts at blogging seem to be going quite well. So i am going to stop right now and see how this it going to look on my page and try again later.