Sunday, October 4, 2015

My favourite vegetarian dish…

“Part time vegetarian” that would be the best way to described me.A majority of my meals are vegetarian. However it does not stop me from chomping down a good crab curry, roast pork or any other mouth watering morsel which comes to mind. One thing is for sure though I feel better when am on complete vegetarian mode. Both mentally and physically.
However there is one vegetarian meal which I love to have regularly. Where else but at the Paradise Road café down Dharmapala mawatha. I have sung its praises before and you could describe it as my favourite quiet spot in the whole of Colombo.
This particular dish I am talking about is called the focaccia Sandwich. It was designed by an Indian chef who was working for the Paradise Road chain a couple of years ago.
It is quite a simple dish. You have some bread which is lathered with an unusually thick humus paste to which they have added sun dried tomatoes and black olives. Somehow this combination amazes your tongue with a scintillating palette of flavours. The sandwich comes with a vegetable salad but here is a hint I order mine with Thai Salad which I feel compliments the unique flavours of this meal better. For some strange reason I find this combination quite addictive and end up visiting the café at least three or four times a week. Fortunately their prices are not as high as the Gallery café so my wallet has managed to survive the onslaught.