Monday, December 29, 2014

New discovery at the Gallery Cafe

The challenge of being at the top of your game is that it is extremely difficult to better yourself. This was the situation I used to experience with the Gallery Cafe when it came to desserts. For the past ten years or more my top three all time favourite desserts have been from the Gallery cafe. The top title definitely belonged to their chocolate nemesis. However their was a constant battle for second and third place between the passion fruit meringue cheese cake and the double chocolate cheese cake.
But lo and behold when one thought things were never ever going to change they just did with the introduction of the all new Mocha Hazelnut cheese cake.
To say it is "heavenly" is an understatement. But the flavour is absolutely perfect and the texture on the tongue divine. I have had this dessert twice so far and both times my experience has been awesome. My only grouse is that the slices seem thinner than usually "not so generous" portions they serve. But as one could say good things come in small packages. And good things happen to those who wait... a long, long time.

Monday, December 8, 2014

"Turn left at the model"

It was way too early in the morning. And I had just travelled an hour to get to an opening ceremony at the factory of one of my clients.
These were the words which were said to me in order to direct me to the function area in the large factory premises.
As I was sitting and waiting for the dignitaries to arrive it dawned on me even though the phrase “turn left at the model” was a simple grammatical mistake it also outlined very clearly how people perceive  females today. Especially the pretty faced females, who are hired for functions to greet people, bring awards on stage or just wear revealing outfits and be eye candy making a boring event that much more interesting.
In my line of work I have to attend far too many events than I would like. One of the things I find distasteful about attending these events is how the "models" are treated. Of course I am sure I belong to a very minute minority.
For instance I was at one function where there was a game being conducted where a ball
had to be thrown to a target through the legs of two females who were standing with their legs apart. How demeaning is this?
How many times have I cringed when I see all the males and sometimes the females as well leering and drooling over the girls wearing revealing outfits?
Another particular function comes to mind where the event organizer was told by the client contact that  one of the directors of the company is offering 200 dollars for one of the models for the night.
The sad thing is that to many these models are lifeless things like mannequins in a shop window. They don’t see them as living human beings with feelings thoughts dreams and desires. To me it seems a crime that some of these ladies were born pretty. Their looks have turned out to be a curse instead of a blessing as it lures them into a world in which you make money in the short term with very dim prospects for the short term.
But to me the biggest crime of all on that day was that the words "turn left at the model" was uttered by another female.