Friday, August 1, 2008

Isnt it cruel to be kind?

Last Saturday I had to drop my kids at a party for one of their friends. What struck me as really funny was the venue of the party was a church. Apparently it was a two pronged party. Part of the party was for the kids of slums and part of the party was for the birthday girls friends. Something else which struck me as funny was the fact that the girl was not supposed to get any birthday presents. Instead we were given a book list and asked to gift wrap it and bring it.
Well I went to drop my kids and the first thing I saw really made me uncomfortable. The party was set up in the church garden so everybody could see what was happening from the road. It was quite a nice party. There was a big bouncer as well as some Barbi princess stuff strewn around. What was sickening was there was a large bunch of poor kids standing outside the gate looking in. A stern looking man at the gate letting only a few in. As my children stepped out of the vehicle they had to make their way through the crowd to enter the party. It was heart unwrenching to see a little boy trying to slip in along with my kids and the stern man refusing entry. The look of anticipation and disappointment in that child's face could make me cry.
I wished for a couple of minutes that I could not have dropped my kids at the party and taken them back home with me. But they would be very upset as they would think this is another instance of their father behaving like a brute.
Later I had to pick them up. And again was greeted by the hoards of poor people at the gate. Once again I saw a heart wrenching site which was a poor kid eating a pastry from outside the fence which I believe someone would have given him.
Anyway I was thinking about this entire thing. These parent who did this act thought they were doing a good deed by being nice to poor people. But personally I think keeping some in and some out was a very cruel thing to do. Also to do flaunt everything in the garden in the front of their hungry eyes was something I found very distasteful There is another side to this. What little girl would not want birthday presents however rich they are. Apparently my wife was telling me this birthday girl has told her that she would like to have presents too. Somehow I also have a suspicion that this public act of charity was another way of showing off for these parents. The kids were supposed to not mingle with the poor kids. The first half of the party the poor kids were to play on the bouncer and the second half the rich kids were supposed to do so. Well knowing kids and how they get attracted to rides I just don't know how they managed to do it. Anyway I was really getting hot under the collar about all this when I saw a little girl. Obviously a poor kids walking home with her mom. In her hands she clutched a big present and she was excited and jabbering away to her mom and smiling happily. And I realised amidst all this bullshit at least the world of one little girl has changed and that itself was a good thing.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am biting my nails and have a feeling of gloom looming over me. Monday is going to be the day where we will see if it would be business as usual during the SAARC fiasco. Pardon me for being unpatriotic but I cant understand why this blessed event had to be landed on our doorstep. Giving yet another opportunity for our glorious rectums of politicians to screw us right royally once again. Well thank goodness at least the schools are closed. Otherwise it would have been another nightmare. To me we might as well close cos nothing is gonna get done during this time. As anyway most movements will be curtailed. I got a email the other day saying a certain shop at Crescat is going to be closed during the entire period. I think that's such a intelligent thing to do. Only thing is my heart goes out to those people who are earning a daily wage. Specially the "Natamis" who work in pettah.
One thing all this goings on prove to me is that I was always right about politicians which is that they are absolutely useless and that the only good politician is a dead politician.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Hate Mondays...

Well its another Monday after a peaceful weekend I loathe to come back to work and get back to the daily grind. Well here I am at 8.30 p.m still in office deciding to unwind a bit by letting out some steam. Well the work load was light last week as it was virtually a holiday and the "situation" in the country supporting it. Lots of people took Friday off and decided to make a long weekend of it. And lot of the people who are decision makers have decided to go abroad to avoid the SAARC chaos. I too wish I could go on a long holiday and forget all the responsibility I have.... Well dream on cj dream on!
I was planning on a nice lazy Saturday of chilling out by myself at home as the family was going out on a old girls get together. Everything was perfectly planned out. Till I stepped back into the house after dropping them. Perfectly on cue the power went off. To come back six hours later. My thoughts of rest and relaxation was shattered! Instead of chilling out there I was sweating like a pig and not even being able to have a shower cos the pressure pump was not working and the water reduces to just a trickle without it.
But every dark cloud has a silver lining. And since I had no electronic means of entertaining myself I had to read a book. And decided to restart reading the autobiography of Malcom X. Gosh what a life this guy has lead. He started out as a drug addict and a drug dealer as well as ended up in Jail before he converted to the Muslim religion and became the dynamic leader he became. Well that's it for now folks. Hope everyone has a great week and a much more profitable one than mine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deiyo SAARCi

SAARC is coming to Colombo and it seems like the people are getting battered from it just like the Tsunami. I hear that the entire city center is going to be closed. And to add to that they are driving people out of their houses. Certain people have been asked to vacaste their houses for seven days while the others who were living in illegal tenaments have had their houses destroyed. This whole SAARC fiasco is making the life of the average person who is trying to make a living in this torrid country even more trying than what it is.
I hate to imagine what will happen when the conference is actually taking place. I think it might be best if we just declare five days of holidays and close businesses. Even if we come to office we will not be able to move.
What really gets my goat is the high handed manner the government is setting about bullying the very people who voted them in. Specially asking all those who had booked functions in the hotels to cancel or postpone them I thought was a very callous and crude thing to do. Surely they knew well in advance when the SAARC conference was happenning at least two years back. They could have informed the hotel at that point which wouldnt have caused as much pain. Well it just shows what a bunch of Morons these idiots are.
If I had the choice and the courage I would put up a big banner from a building on the Airport road so all the delegates could see it and it would say SAARC DELEGATES YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN SRI LANKA.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A peaceful weekend...

I cannot simply believe it... I left work early on Friday and decided to close office on saturday much to the delight of my colleagues. And what a relaxing weekend it was. Too relaxing if you ask me. I went home early and me and the Mrs decided to watch some movies. Which was good. Started with a lovely indi movie called "the crime of padre romero" which in short was about a priest falling in love with a girl from his congregation. After which I watched this amazing movie called "Perfume" which was absolutely bloody fantastic... I loved the plot the story line the way it was shot the color grading etc everything about it was super... It was an artsy movie which held you spell bound... Whatever said and done I think these bloody Europeans know how to make great movies.
Saturday was as relaxing... woke up late pottered about the house till I had to go and drop the kids and the wife at a lunchoen party... went to gym crawled through my cardio work out and went to pick them up. Got back home did nothing but watch movies and just be lazy.
Sunday took kids out to Loon tao the food was great... but the kids did not enjoy it as much as there priority was not the food but the opportunity to play. So they were quite grumpy when they realised that they could not play and as my eldest daughter put it "We eat every day even at home but only rarely get to play on the beach"! Then once again it dawned on me how Kids see the world through a completely different set of eyes. And how their values are so different to ours. For her eating out was not the important thing. She (they) would have been as delighted if we went to the beach and sat on a corner without going to a restaurant and just ate some pineapple from a hawker!!!! Well wish I had known this before I had to pay a bill of five grand.

Wilderness is calling...

I used to go out to the jungles every couple of months... for some strange reason I feel completely at home in the jungles... I am at one with myself. For this year I have had not had the opportunity to visit the jungles even once. Which has really been getting me down... I didn't realise it in retrospect not going out and winding down in the jungles has contributed to my frustration. But last week I managed to get a booking for four nights and five days at the wasgamua national park. Wooow am I looking forward to it. I can not wait for the time to pass... I can savour the long beautiful drive I will be experiencing. Specially the riverstone area which is really nice. And can feel the wind in my hair already and the confrontations with the elephants. Well I hope all this anticipation is not going to end up in dissapointment for me. The last time I was looking forward to an outing so much I ended up knocking a man down in Lunugamwehera on the way to Yala... so keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In the eye of the storm..

Everything around me is crazy... I should be tearing my hair out but instead I am calm... as if I am stoned... the past few weeks have been hectic... both work wise and emotionally.... for no particular reason. Thankfully my first quater ended on plan which was quite a relief.
I think I need a holiday. Its been so long since I've experienced the warm embrace of the jungles. Maybe if i can do that then I can sort out my life once more. And be normal once again.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

High Pressure Day

Ohhh wooow what a day it has been! I just thought I might burst a blood vessel. I've done some good ads for my client and they have been quite appreciative of it. Sadly the work is so good that it makes the client seem bigger than their spend. Which is making lots of people jealous. And making them want to get their filthy little paws on my clients media budget. To add insult to injury there is a bum sucker in the clients side who is trying to get the media passed to one of his friends so he can enjoy some commission on the side. And that is not all.
A friends daughter who I tried to do a favour has now become a problem. I scheduled her ads for her for a low fee using the good will and the good credit ratings my agency enjoys. But sadly she has decided not to pay our bills and this has created a huge problem for me. The last cheque bounced and now I am faced with a dilemma. My lawyers advice me to make a polics complaint as a bounced cheque is considered a criminal offence. But how can I go to my friends house and spend time with them enjoying their fellowship when on one side I have to place an police entry about his daughter?
And so here I am frustrated tired angry I've tried my level best to be calm and level headed butI dont know what to do.... so I wait till tomorrow. Hopefully things should turn out better.

Monday, June 16, 2008

When will it be?

I saw her again after a couple of weeks… and my heart started beating faster… even after all these years apart... just seeing her makes me want her… so much… to hold her in my arms… crush her lips against mine… to make her whimper and moan to feel her body respond to my thrusts… feel her explode against me… and then crash… holding me tight… whimpering cuddling… panting… with tears gently gushing down her eyes as she climbs down to earth… from heaven.
Gosh I miss you… I wish I was with you…
You are so close… just within arms reach yet you might as well be in another planet…
I long to spend time with you… I long to read with you… I long to stroke your hair… and just be comfortable in the strange camaraderie of our silence… luxuriating in each others company… But when will it be? Oh God…. When will it be!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Its godly to forgive!

Well this is the story I wanted to write about on my previous post but got side tracked instead and ended up unloading about my frustrating week. Well the fact is I met this gentleman who had lived through the 83 riots. His house had been destroyed and he had to go from being a Colombo boy to Jaffna where he was bullied and ridiculed by everyone for being from a posh background. Of course sometime after that he went abroad and made it big. But what I cant believe is that he decided to come back to Sri Lanka and set up a business here thereby providing Sri Lankans more jobs.
How can one who saw his home destroyed by people from another race come back and not feel angry about it? But when I started thinking about it there were many people who has done it. There is a pastor in the church I go to whose house was burnt by people who used to come and watch television in his house daily.
If this happened to me would I feel the same away about it? I don't think so! In fact I would be a terrorist by now. What makes these people who have been terribly treated by us Sinhalese forgive us and put the past behind them and carry on as before. Well I don't know the answer but it leads to the title of my post its godly to forgive!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A frustrating week?

Here I am staring at this empty box... trying to figure out what I should write?
Wish there was something deep and meaningful which would feel like pearls of wisdom. And sadly nothing seems to appear in the horizon.
Should I write about how difficult it was for me to close the months accounts without showing a loss. What a frustrating week it has been as I had to give leave to some of my colleagues to go and sit for their CIM exams. And there was a ton of work which was getting delayed as a result. That I felt like that they are looking at working for me as a holiday exercise till they finish their exams and get on to more challenging tasks.
Is it me? Am I being a bad leader? Not motivating my team to reach for greater heights. Or is it just me being a sissy and a lazy bum who waits for the orange to fall into his lap instead of going and plucking it from the tree.
Should I talk about the frustrating meetings which I had to attend to with some of the most idiotic people. Making me wonder if I had made the right career choice. In fact making me wish I had such a small operation that I could tell these idiots to go and shove it instead of having to put on a nice face and smile.... in order to make sure that I had enough funds to pay my team.
Some of them who are the most ungrateful SOBs under the son. I had a situation where one of my team members were asked to voice a commercial where he had gone to supervise the recording while he was on duty. This particular voice cut was rejected by the client. But yet this guy insists that we should pay him his full fee. Theoretically he is correct. But he was on duty when he did this project. And I have paid him a five figure salary for the past one and a half years and put up with the crap work which he has done without firing him cos I knew he had to have a way to make ends meet. He did very little work and the rest of the time did sweet nothing. I really had to keep a check on my temper as I wanted to ask him to get out immediately... but then I thought of a local saying which says when a dog barks at you and if you bark back then you become a dog as well.
I was wondering if I should rave and rant about the Bomb which went off this morning killing 20 more innocent people. Life is so uncertain these days. You are never sure if you will make it back home till you get there. I wonder if this bomb might lead to some kind of riots.
Amidst all this I was sitting with a client and heard the most amazing story which I will share with you later on in another post.

Monday, June 2, 2008

You tighten your belt... I will just buy a few more Mercedes

It was a wet Sunday morning... was raining so hard that the last thing you wanted to do was to get out of the house.... I was in a bad mood... not only due to the wet weather but also to the situation in general. The way the cost of living was going up... the way the purchasing power of monthly income seems to reduce that makes me wonder if I will be able to provide a comfortable life for my family for long.... so there I was certainly not being a mister sunshine when i saw the headlines of the Sunday Leader. One of the three papers I buy. It says the government is importing eight brand new Mercedes-Benz S class cars to Sri Lanka. All to take part in some SAARC summit and then to be absorbed in to the presidents pool of vehicles.
Wasn't it a few days back that I read that all of us had to tighten our belts. Isn't this the man who is printing money to pay the government and contributing to inflation. What kind of man is this who will tell others to save while he goes on wasting money regardless of the consequences.
Then I thought in fact most people are like that. We all want others to sacrifice but we really don't want to give up our privileges. What is good for others is not necessarily good for us, so all in all guess good old MR is just one of the boys just like us.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pushing a bus uphill wishing people were more responsible!

Damn I am so frustrated!
Today is the end of the month but we haven't met our targets and it seems the loss is going to be pretty large. Thankfully we have a large volume of work at hand which if converted to money would help to cover up this months losses next month.
But sadly it seems that I am the only one who is interested in making this happen.
Today we have lots of work. But most of my team players are not performing to their full capacity cos they got drunk last night. I walk in this morning to realise half of them are not there which means all the work I plan to get done today will happen half heartedly or not at all. One of my senior team members did not even bother to inform that he was not going to come. Even though he has a lot of important stuff to finish.
Right now it seems that I am the only person here who is interested in protecting these guys jobs. I wonder if they realise the seriousness of the economic situation in the country. That all hands have to pull together if we are to make it work.
Right now at this moment I feel i am pushing a bus uphill and those who are in the bus are my staff who are enjoying the ride and think its a party going on.
As I started this operation it was fun to employ people and see how they develop and there was a joy about being able to contribute to the lives of people along with the members of their families in a positive manner. But right now I wish I could just reduce my outfit to a bare minimum get rid of the dead wood and be able to work on projects which I love. Instead of having to now work on projects purely for the financial benefits cos I have to pay the salaries of nearly fifty people at the end of the month.
I was reading on rajaratarala's other blog how the biggest problem in Sri Lanka is the fact that there are not enough people with proper skills in working. This is absolutely true. I was talking to another CEO the other day who said one of his friends has shifted his entire software development operation from Sri Lanka to England because he found the workers there were far more responsible. I agree with him absolutely. I find our people are so lazy and unproductive and having to work with the creative types makes this worse by a factor of ten.
Can some one make a responsibility pill please. I need to huge dose of it to be given to my so called team mates.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Doing Bad with good intentions!

It was Wesak... I was looking for four days of rest... complete rest of mind and body. Alas I forgot that though Wesak is a time for peaceful reflection on the teachings of Lord Buddha it is the time when the religiously inclined in our country go Mad over Dansals.
Actually I should have been forewarned.
For the past few months we have been hounded by groups of people who come into our house with a file and ask for donations in a menacing manner. It is absolutely amazing how generally the thug in the area along with some of the most unsavoury characters in the area always take the lead in such a project. Sometimes I laugh my self to tears at the irony of all this.
Once the hunt for donations stopped then the other signs of things to come began to come up... Sheds began to come up taking over the road space as if it was someones own personal property. Who gave a damn about parking or blocking of the road? After all this was done for the larger good? Nails were spilt leaving them to puncture tyres of some sorry souls car.
And then the hangers on hung around... (guess you cant expect anything more from them) blocking the road and making sure that vehicular moment came to a stand still. You had to beg of them to move off the road. And even after all these ominous signs I did not realise what was going to happen on Wesak Day.
Chaos my dear friends! Absolute Chaos. All these people at the Dansalas thinks its their god given duty to stop all traffic without paying scant regard to any road rules or any rules of civility for that matter. Cars stopped all over the road. Traffic jams people in the middle of the road walking nope not walking strolling as if they were on a beach and there were a few cars who had stopped on the middle of the road and were eating without moving their vehicle? I know us Sri Lankans are a selfish bunch. But how selfish can one get. Why do temples encourage this kind of behaviour in the first place? Don't tell me this is in keeping with the teachings of the Lord Buddha. In fact later on into the night you can see all these so called organisers drunk and dancing to loud music outside the dansalas.
I feel its such a crime and an abomination that when a sacred ritual such as a dansala has been brought down to this level.
But hey then again this is Sri Lanka after all.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sleeping your way to the top!

You will not believe it. I never thought this would be possible in this day and age... but yes if you dont have talent it helps you to spread your self out to the boss and move up in life. There is this person I know. Who holds a very powerful position in one of our countries top companies. But doesnt have a clue about what she is doing. Apparently the only qualification she has is being quite beautiful... and ofcourse sexy... so it seems she has decided to make the best use of the talents she has been blessed with and has mastered the art of using sex as a tool to get to the top. And the amazing thing is the top guy does not realise the damage which is being caused by her not only to the image of the company. But also to the brands which they are custodians of. The sad thing after all this is over and done with it is the brands which will finally suffer. Guess one can only learn from their mistakes.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Its been a long time but I am back...

Well it has been sometime since I had the inclination to post on here and the best reason is I don't know why I didn't feel like it... it wasn't that life was that boring.... it wasn't boring but it wasn't interesting either... he he guess the oxymoron in me is surfacing....
Well the last few weeks have been pretty cool and hectic at the same time... Ive been bored stiff and working my butt off... one of the worst situations I had to face was I had to terminate someone and ask that person to resign... and amazingly he took it pretty well... he was doing sweet nothing here and getting paid far too much for it. I do believe he knew that as well and was expecting this moment to come a long time back.... I must say its quite a relief now that I have got it out of my system. Because it was really frustrating me. Well anyway he got a lot of notice and it galvanized him into action to get a project he was sitting on started and now it seems that he might end up earning more money through that than he was earning with us. Well thank goodness it ended in a win win situation otherwise I would have had to live my life with the guilt and shame of it hanging over my head.
Well that's it for now but I do hope to be writing more frequently once again. So to my non existent readers online keep your eyes open. You never know what might happen

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is it worth it?

Gosh it has been sometime since I came on here... so thought I should get some frustratons out on paper before my system gets too blocked up....
I saw this article in the news papers how a total of nearly 100 lives has been lost to advance the forward defence lines by 500 meters. And I was wondering if it is actually worth it. How does an extral half kilo meter change the game plan in a war of this scale. If I were to give you a statistical twist its one life for every five meters gained. Is that all what a life is worth? How do you tell a sufferring family that their loved one sacrificed his life for 5 meters of soil which wont really make a dent in the big picture of the war and that in all probability will be won back in a couple of days? Well the politicians dont have to face the people thankfully to ask all these questions.
Somehow I seem to smell a rat? The timing of this exercise seems suspiciously too close to the rice crisis. Do we smell a cover up?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Crazy Cousin Causes Chaos

Well I thought it was going to be a peaceful long weekend... guess fate decided to get funny on me..
You see my wife's cousin is spending a couple of days with us helping us around the house... she is a bit off her rocker which is a sad thing... her brothers and sisters are really well off but for some strange reason she is very badly off and none of them really give her a strong hand to get up... well I am sure you are feeling really sorry for her now... but that's just one side of the story... she can be a terrible person too... she would bite the hand that feeds her without thinking twice... go out of the way to break stuff in the house and would curse and set people up against one another in quite a vicious manner... I also realised that she is a bit mentally unbalanced. Because she has gone through a bad divorce as well as treated like shit from her last boy friend who used her for a couple of years and promptly left her and got married to another lady.... well life is cruel sometimes... well anyway myself and the wife are watching a movie and the kids are playing with out crazy cousin... quite an innocent thing I suppose but later we realise that she had been getting my eldest daughter to send nasty SMS messages to her previous lover... in addition to that she has been using our daughters to call the young girls in the neighborhood to try and set up an affair for her son.
Firstly the son already has a girl friend but she wants to break it up because this girl is tamil and secondly he is quite old in his twenties I believe... specially since the girls she is trying to set him up with are in their twenties...
Naturally my wife was quite pissed off when she heard that our children were used in such a manner... and she tried to take it up with her but sadly it turned ugly... not that it ended in fisticuffs or anything like that... but my wife was quite worried that she might do something to us... or attack us or even try to commit suicide... well so Sunday night was spent amidst a lot of tension.... the kids had to join us in our room and my wife was getting up every few minutes and looking around just making sure everything was OK... well this morning everything has calmed down and was back to normal... but I was always uneasy of this individual... she might be nice to our face but you never know what she is thinking inside and what she would do to hurt us cos deep down inside she is jealous.... well the sad thing is she is going to be coming to our house daily for the next few days even if we dont like it... because blood is thicker than water after all and if we do not help her she will probably starve or get worse due to the loneliness... but it is such a strain cos we cant trust her with the kids... Every time she is alone with them she would be saying strange stuff to them...
So it goes without saying currently there is a strange tension in the air... as if we are having an enemy in the camp. But as one would say with relations like these you really don't need enemies...

Getting caught without your pants...

Well thankfully it was not as bad as getting caught with my pants down. And no this is not a post about infidelity... though I am sure you might have if you had read some of my posts below.

Thursday night was busy... the boys in office came to enjoy a few drinks and dinner before we disbanded for the new year holidays. Well yours truly had a one or two more drinks than he should as well as a lot more to eat than I should. So I woke up on the first day of my holiday to a slight head ache. Feeling a little puffy and hung over. But the day was going to be good I had invited two of my ex clients for a long lazy lunch. And I was looking forward to their company and stimulating conversation along with some great food. I thought it would be best if I hit the gym for a few minutes at least and get some calories burnt out so that I don't feel as guilty when I am shovelling food into my mouth at lunch.

Well by the time I got my sorry ass into the gym I had less than a hour to work out. So i spent 45 minutes on the treadmill working out a sweat and decided to rush to office for a shower and change in approximately half an hour...

As I rush to the office I realise that traffic is a bitch. It seems that half of Colombo has decided to park down the road which leads to my office and as usual everyone is behaving like that they own the road.

So after much frustration with twenty minutes to spare I manage to rush into office and jump out of the vehicle and take my bag and my clothes out... this is when the shit hits the fan.... It seems I have forgotten to put the clothes into the car and my shirt and pants are still hanging on a door knob at home.

Its too late to go back home and what I am wearing is too sweaty... suddenly a brain wave hits me... why not buy an outfit from the shop which is just a few hundred feet away... so I head to the shop but its crowded and you cannot even stick a thumb inside but hey this is when the fact that you are just after a work reeking of a mix of sweat and the previous nights booze and fags help... I managed to make my way through the crowds as people just kept opening a way in front of me rather than having me rub on them... he he buy pants and shirt wait another nail biting ten minutes to pay the bill... rush back to office... and once I finish my shower i put on my new clothes..... Damn the shirt is too big... way too big...
In the rush I had forgotten about the fact that I am many sizes slimmer now thanks to my new work out regime... and had asked for my old size which was XXL... well what can I say one of my clients was already there by then... so I dragged him and went back to the shop wearing my new way too large T shirt and bought another smaller one which fitted me better and went on my way for my lunch...
Well thankfully it was the only negative happening for the day... it was wonderful to hang out with my clients (or should I say friends) again and just relax and chill and unwind... the food at the lagoon was excellent too... a icey cold beer... oysters on ice... Singapore style chillie crab... fried calamari with tamarind sauce... the list goes on and on... but after all the stress I went through guess I enjoyed the whole experience better.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Polyamory- polygamy lite

"Poly" thats one of the words which kept surfacing in Mary Anne Mohanraj's site and at first I could not understand what on earth it was all about... then later I realised it was a modern adaptation of polygamy... well what it means is a person in a relationship having sexual relationships with other partners with the full knowledge and blessings of everyone involved... Wooooow thats all what I could say... talk about being open minded. Was wondering if something like this could happen in Sri Lankan society... Well this subject has been intriguing me quite a bit the past few weeks... and I must confess I have been doing some reading on the subject and it is amazing what is happenning out there. These days theres a story running on CNN about a big polygamist ranch from which over 400 people were rerescude to keep the interest in the subject alive. Well thats it for now more on the subject later.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Amazing Sri Lankan Lady.

Well there I was footloose and fancy free when suddenly a familiar icon pops up saying I got mail... now I thought it was another one of thosr useless mails which everyone feels obliged to send to all in their address book regardless of the fact that it would be relevant or interesting to the receiver or not... Amazingly it was a really interesting post about a Sri Lankan tamil girl who has become a cult figure in the USA. Mainly cos she writes erotica... Now this little bit of gossip piqued my interest so much I had to check this out... As far as I knew the last thing a someone from such a background would be doing was writing erotica. The familiar questions which would run through my mind if I was to openly set about crossed my mind. What would people say? Well it seems she has overcome this. I decided to investigate further and went to her website. For those of you might want to get to know more about the rather intriguing lady Mary Anne Mohanraj the link is as follows

Well I was thinking I would be directed to a somewhat lewd site with soft porn overtones. But amazingly it was nothing that I had imagined.. this was no porn site trying to attract clients... it was a pretty simple site of a well educated intelligent lady who likes to live without being tied down by the dictates of society. And as I went through her site I suddenly realised that I was beginning to respect her in fact wish I had the guts to break out of the restraints like she has done. And live my life in an honest and open manner like she does. But will it ever happen? That is the question to be asked.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Inconveniencing People even in Death...

Well this is something which should have been published a couple of days back but sadly got down to doing it only just now. Well our first ladies mother passed away.... while my sympathies go out to her family I am sure her demise was expected... she was bed ridden and in her late eighties... but what was a somewhat sad event for her loved ones became a tragic even for those people in and around the funeral house... in fact for people miles around... who were affected by the security cordon which was put up without any regard for the interests of the public.
Traffic was blocked for miles... many a school child would have got delayed and tons and tons of petrol would have got wasted as engines idled as they waited to inch their way through the traffic jams. But who cares. The roads were closed anyway... let the people suffer the needs of a few of us are far more important than the collective needs of at least a couple of thousand families.... Well what was sickening to see was how the hoi polloi in the various government institutions groveled to get in the good books of their politica masters.... well there were huge structures put up as well as a large amounts of banners expressing insincere heart felt regrets from the various "samithis".... Also on the day of the funeral the British school was asked to close school early or not let the children go for a couple of hours... they were prudent enough to choose the first option and the kids got an extra days leave. But the best is yet to come... the people who had planned to bury their loved ones in the kanatte cemetery were asked to postpone the funeral or find an alternate location. Postpone a funeral???? Come on!!!!! How terrible can it be... to what levels should one stoop down to inconvenience the public under the guise of security... all I can say is I dont know the answer. But gues no one does either... Sadly thanks to the insensitive nature of our first family a sweet old lady who would have been loved under normal circumstances is being cursed. May she rest in pieces.... uh I mean peace.

Loud Mouth is dead... so what? No Biggie...

I am not a vindictive type... But when I heard of the death of the assasination of Loud Mouth the first thought which flashed through my mind was serves the bugger right... No way do I condone acts of terrorism and my sympathies go out to his family for their loss... but he epitomised everything I hated about our politicians. People without intelligence or vision and an absolute bully and thug who loved the sound of his own voice... regardless of the fact if what came out of it was absolute premium class BS. I remember vividly how he gave a speech at one of his colleagues funerals who too was sadly assasinated by a claymore mine... and I watched in horror as loud mouth venerated this dead thug by berating the audience on what a wonderful man his late colleague was because he could organise thousands of people to come for political ceremonies and he managed to make these ceremonies absolutely colorful be brining in school bands... I knew we were governed by morons but this was the day my disillusionment with the establishment hit a new low. Not only was he a thug I also heard that he was a big manufacturer of illicit liquor. Sadly he was one of the few christian ministers in the cabinet though I think he did the faith more harm than good. So what happens now that he has gone... I hope someone with intelligence, with education and who puts the country before himself steps into the shoes he left behind...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gosh What am I going to do now?

Here I am with so much to get off my chest but not being able to get it out... well at least one thing is for sure the title of oxymoron seems quite apt dont you think? Well let me start by doing a small introduction about myself. I am a walking contradiction. A happy unhappy soul who is constantly frustrated about the way things are going in his country.... all because of human greed.
I work in an agency with a great bunch of people... I consider myself a creative person but I cant draw and I cant write.... he he guess thats why I call myself a living contradiction... but i must confess my team members are like family to me... in fact sometimes I wonder if they mean more than my family to me... guess that can happen when you spend the major part of ur waking moments with a bunch of people you share lots of emotions with. Well its a quiet sunday evening here in Sri Lanka and suddenly my first attempts at blogging seem to be going quite well. So i am going to stop right now and see how this it going to look on my page and try again later.