Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am biting my nails and have a feeling of gloom looming over me. Monday is going to be the day where we will see if it would be business as usual during the SAARC fiasco. Pardon me for being unpatriotic but I cant understand why this blessed event had to be landed on our doorstep. Giving yet another opportunity for our glorious rectums of politicians to screw us right royally once again. Well thank goodness at least the schools are closed. Otherwise it would have been another nightmare. To me we might as well close cos nothing is gonna get done during this time. As anyway most movements will be curtailed. I got a email the other day saying a certain shop at Crescat is going to be closed during the entire period. I think that's such a intelligent thing to do. Only thing is my heart goes out to those people who are earning a daily wage. Specially the "Natamis" who work in pettah.
One thing all this goings on prove to me is that I was always right about politicians which is that they are absolutely useless and that the only good politician is a dead politician.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Hate Mondays...

Well its another Monday after a peaceful weekend I loathe to come back to work and get back to the daily grind. Well here I am at 8.30 p.m still in office deciding to unwind a bit by letting out some steam. Well the work load was light last week as it was virtually a holiday and the "situation" in the country supporting it. Lots of people took Friday off and decided to make a long weekend of it. And lot of the people who are decision makers have decided to go abroad to avoid the SAARC chaos. I too wish I could go on a long holiday and forget all the responsibility I have.... Well dream on cj dream on!
I was planning on a nice lazy Saturday of chilling out by myself at home as the family was going out on a old girls get together. Everything was perfectly planned out. Till I stepped back into the house after dropping them. Perfectly on cue the power went off. To come back six hours later. My thoughts of rest and relaxation was shattered! Instead of chilling out there I was sweating like a pig and not even being able to have a shower cos the pressure pump was not working and the water reduces to just a trickle without it.
But every dark cloud has a silver lining. And since I had no electronic means of entertaining myself I had to read a book. And decided to restart reading the autobiography of Malcom X. Gosh what a life this guy has lead. He started out as a drug addict and a drug dealer as well as ended up in Jail before he converted to the Muslim religion and became the dynamic leader he became. Well that's it for now folks. Hope everyone has a great week and a much more profitable one than mine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deiyo SAARCi

SAARC is coming to Colombo and it seems like the people are getting battered from it just like the Tsunami. I hear that the entire city center is going to be closed. And to add to that they are driving people out of their houses. Certain people have been asked to vacaste their houses for seven days while the others who were living in illegal tenaments have had their houses destroyed. This whole SAARC fiasco is making the life of the average person who is trying to make a living in this torrid country even more trying than what it is.
I hate to imagine what will happen when the conference is actually taking place. I think it might be best if we just declare five days of holidays and close businesses. Even if we come to office we will not be able to move.
What really gets my goat is the high handed manner the government is setting about bullying the very people who voted them in. Specially asking all those who had booked functions in the hotels to cancel or postpone them I thought was a very callous and crude thing to do. Surely they knew well in advance when the SAARC conference was happenning at least two years back. They could have informed the hotel at that point which wouldnt have caused as much pain. Well it just shows what a bunch of Morons these idiots are.
If I had the choice and the courage I would put up a big banner from a building on the Airport road so all the delegates could see it and it would say SAARC DELEGATES YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN SRI LANKA.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A peaceful weekend...

I cannot simply believe it... I left work early on Friday and decided to close office on saturday much to the delight of my colleagues. And what a relaxing weekend it was. Too relaxing if you ask me. I went home early and me and the Mrs decided to watch some movies. Which was good. Started with a lovely indi movie called "the crime of padre romero" which in short was about a priest falling in love with a girl from his congregation. After which I watched this amazing movie called "Perfume" which was absolutely bloody fantastic... I loved the plot the story line the way it was shot the color grading etc everything about it was super... It was an artsy movie which held you spell bound... Whatever said and done I think these bloody Europeans know how to make great movies.
Saturday was as relaxing... woke up late pottered about the house till I had to go and drop the kids and the wife at a lunchoen party... went to gym crawled through my cardio work out and went to pick them up. Got back home did nothing but watch movies and just be lazy.
Sunday took kids out to Loon tao the food was great... but the kids did not enjoy it as much as there priority was not the food but the opportunity to play. So they were quite grumpy when they realised that they could not play and as my eldest daughter put it "We eat every day even at home but only rarely get to play on the beach"! Then once again it dawned on me how Kids see the world through a completely different set of eyes. And how their values are so different to ours. For her eating out was not the important thing. She (they) would have been as delighted if we went to the beach and sat on a corner without going to a restaurant and just ate some pineapple from a hawker!!!! Well wish I had known this before I had to pay a bill of five grand.

Wilderness is calling...

I used to go out to the jungles every couple of months... for some strange reason I feel completely at home in the jungles... I am at one with myself. For this year I have had not had the opportunity to visit the jungles even once. Which has really been getting me down... I didn't realise it in retrospect not going out and winding down in the jungles has contributed to my frustration. But last week I managed to get a booking for four nights and five days at the wasgamua national park. Wooow am I looking forward to it. I can not wait for the time to pass... I can savour the long beautiful drive I will be experiencing. Specially the riverstone area which is really nice. And can feel the wind in my hair already and the confrontations with the elephants. Well I hope all this anticipation is not going to end up in dissapointment for me. The last time I was looking forward to an outing so much I ended up knocking a man down in Lunugamwehera on the way to Yala... so keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In the eye of the storm..

Everything around me is crazy... I should be tearing my hair out but instead I am calm... as if I am stoned... the past few weeks have been hectic... both work wise and emotionally.... for no particular reason. Thankfully my first quater ended on plan which was quite a relief.
I think I need a holiday. Its been so long since I've experienced the warm embrace of the jungles. Maybe if i can do that then I can sort out my life once more. And be normal once again.