Monday, August 30, 2010

4 in a honeymoon suite built for 2?

Surely you don’t expect a honeymoon suite to be built for more than 2 anyway? Isn't that common sense? Of course I know a particular chap who told his wife on his wedding that that he would rather his cousin who was the best-man consummate the marriage on his behalf. But that’s another (more interesting) story for another time. Of course the marriage was short lived I can tell you that. But this my friends was something which happened to me when I decided to take my family and kids to Landa house during the long weekend which came up recently. Sadly they don’t write advice on these kinds of things in parenting books.

Generally we occupy a large family room at Landa house which is on a higher elevation closer to the road. But this time I asked to be put up in the cabana closest to the roaring stream which is at the bottom of the decline where the property ends. The sound of water crashing on rock is something I really relish and find it completely soothing. I can remember the room being slightly smaller than the place where I stayed before but was willing to compromise on space to be closer to the water. It was not a tough decision to make and as we walked down the steps to the chalet you could literally feel yourself walking into a cooler and calmer atmosphere. The room was awesome it had a great view and I was congratulating myself on my wise decision when I heard my daughters exclaim aloud “… but this toilet does not have a door!!!!” And then only it dawned on me that it was absolutely true. I was so in awe of the atmosphere and the environment I had completely forgotten about the lack of doors when making the reservation. There were two glass panels which gave a certain amount of privacy to the occupant but if any one walked in through the entrance or was near the entrance to the room then they would literally see you on the throne. I realized that this room was ideal for a honey mooning couple but certainly not for a family with two virtually teenage daughters. Ohhh shivers!!! Was the peace and quiet of this holiday going to be shattered by the constant buzz of complaining daughters or worse would I have to shift to another room which would not be as cool. Fortunately for me the missus the ever resourceful person she is quickly figured something out. She took a bathroom brush placed it on the two glass panels and draped a blanket over it and voila we had privacy. Taking this room was the wisest thing I could have done. The word to describe it is absolutely heavenly. To sit out on the balcony reading a book whilst enjoying the quietness gave chilling a new meaning. Partly because after a few minutes you realize it can get quite cold. The only negative was that it was a couple of minutes walk to the dining area and it included a steep climb and sometimes you tended to trip over bumps and/or humps on the cemented pathways in the night. But over all we had a fantastic time we loved the meals menike –the lady from the close by village- made for us. I only wish we could have stayed longer. And the next time too I am going to ask for the same room because the brush will be there to rescue me once more J

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The best argument I have heard in support of vegetarianism.

I was having a chat with my nutritionist the other day and we were talking about the pros and cons of being vegetarian. I thought the main reason for her being so was for noble reasons such as sparing life etc. However she shared with me a point of view which I had never heard of before. Animals when taken to slaughter can sense and know what is awaiting them. And just like the human body releases chemicals such as adrenaline when under pressure, the bodies of these animals too have chemicals released which transfer to our bodies when we consume the carcasses. And these chemicals can be toxic and harmful to us. Amazingly this was the first argument I heard about this subject which made a lot of sense and I am seriously considering cutting down my meat consumption and dipping my toe into the life of being a vegetarian. One day and one meal at a time. Somehow for a carnivore like me it is easier said than done. Sigh!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baaa! Vroom! Moo and Umbaaaa!

Today someone was showing me the question and answer video of our local Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe 2010. I did realize it was posted all over the net especially on facebook and the major reason for this was because everyone was laughing at her. Not only for the lack of depth in her answers but also for her bad pronunciation. Which is something about us Sri Lankans that I absolutely hate. But then that is not what this post is about. I was going through some of the interviews of the other participants including the winner Miss Mexico. (She pronounced her words badly too but it was so cute and sexy the way she did it you end up falling in love with her) I could not believe what I saw. All the contestants were asked to perform sound effects as part of the interview process. You know like of a cow (to which our lady said umbaa instead of moo) or of a rocket taking off and a lion. This really irked me because I think it is downright insulting to get a female to behave in such a stupid manner. I know to certain feminist types beauty contests are an abomination; another way of people exploiting women. However I hold a more moderate view. I am all for asking them intelligent questions and expecting intelligent answers. For the life of me I don't understand what aspects of beauty would unfold by making these contestants behave like performing monkeys. Isn’t that taking it a bit too far by any standard?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Design Night Mare

Thought this was brilliant. It could happen to anyone of us.

A-Style - Realy classy!

Kids Exchange - As this name didn't sound weird enough, they decided towrite it together!

Kudawara - What kind of pharmacy is this? Meant to be "K"

Atherton Car Centre

Arlington Paediatric Centre - Loving the kids a little too much!

Dental clinic(s)

Any idea what this is supposed to be? Can't figure out? Child care centre orwhat?? But looks otherwise!

Instituto de Estudos Orientais - just in case you are wondering its a pagoda behind a red sun it took me awhile to figure it out...

Mega flicks - Not the best font for this word - lettering too close! Buthelps with sales!!!

Computer Doctors

Junior Jazz Dance Classes - Close one eyes if you cant see what I mean.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yeah! To Sri Lankan Authors!

I went book shopping today and when I came home was pleasantly surprised to realize that 5 of the 6 books I bought were by Sri Lankan authors. The only reason I bought the sixth was because I needed it for a project and not out of choice. Wooow how brilliant is this! I did not go out with the intention of buying books only from Sri Lankan authors but they seemed the most compelling to read out of the selection of books which were available at the odel book store. Suddenly there seems to be sudden eruption of Sri Lankan talent and it fills my heart with joy finally that English writers locally can make it worthwhile to be published. I was also thrilled to see that the design of the book covers were really good. In fact one book which I picked up deserves special mention because originally I thought it was a foreign book and only later did I realize it was once again a local author. The book I am talking about it called “When life gives you lemons, make limoncello- confessions of an English teacher in Italy” I am still going through it but so far it has been an interesting and entertaining read. I am so impressed with the design I thought that it deserves a special picture of its own. I feel it is also my duty to thank Otara of Odel for giving us access to such a variety of local authors and promoting local literature by doing so. Way to go Sri lanka makes me sooo proud.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too good to be true???????

Help! I have been bitten by a positive bug. I am suddenly feeling good and wonderful about everything. Specially about the government who I was quick to criticize and slow to praise.

It all started when I read this article on DBS Jeyaraj’s blog about what an excellent job the government was doing with the rehabilitation of the terrorists who handed themselves over during the war. It was not just what he said but also from what was said in the comments which there was a large number. Some tamil people were saying good things which I found hard to believe. But it has to be true.

My elation did not come upon me in one great eruption like a volcano but it was more the case of being elated in small doses. In trickles and spurts. Like when I saw the road I take my daughters to school on, carpeted very well and competently. Or when I visited the Hambantota district and felt the positive progressive buzz in the air.

And last night I was having a nice drink at the Lagoon I got this text message saying that Mervin has been sacked. That was it and I said to myself I think MR might be able to walk the talk. Maybe there is more to him than I give him credit for.

And to add icing to the cake, when I was going back home the road was being repaired near castle street hospital in a neat and efficient and it was then I realized that even without me realizing it I don’t hate these guys as much as I did before. Maybe they actually might do something. Given the chance.

Mervin the Vermin!

My first reaction to this story- I am sad to say - was bloody good, later I was angry and now I am ashamed. I am ashamed that I live in a country where someone is allowed to take the law into their own hands and break it with impunity in front of the police. And ashamed that the only way I am willing to stick my neck out and express my disgust and outrage is by whispering it out on here. Enough has been said about this already so shall stop now that I have said my piece.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Desperate Housemaid...

Ohhh how wonderful life is when you have someone to do your work for you! That’s exactly how I felt when I was informed by the spouse that we had a couple working for us. I was on my way back from Yala when I heard this news and I settled back in my seat thinking wow life is getting better. And it was. The woman cooked awesome food and the man was really good around the house as well. He did all the work in the garden as well as minor repairs and life was absolute heaven…. for a couple of days that is.

Anyway three to four days down the road the man wanted to go to bring some clothes from the village and the ID card of the lady. He was supposed to return on that day itself… but it never happened. And it was then that the real story of the couple came out.

He was a married man who had eloped with this lady who was a widow. She had severed relationships with her family (kids and her mother) to join him and spend time with him. They had been moving from place to place for five weeks before coming to our house. And now it seems that she was pregnant as well. Her family had not wanted her to step into the house again and now without the man she was abandoned. She did not know what to do and who to turn to. Fortunately she had ended up at our place as my wife and I were willing to help her without putting her out on the road. Though we said we would not help her to abort the child as it was against our religious beliefs. However a couple of days later the man turned up with a sob story saying he had got picked up by the police when he went to the village as someone has reported her missing. And the woman felt it was her duty to go back with him to the police station to prove that he had not kidnapped her because after all they had hit him. So she dropped everything she was doing packed her bags went with him promising to return soon. That was two days ago… and we haven’t heard from her since.

Personally I think it was a load of poppycock and I feel that this guy knew how to get around this woman who was quite gullible. I am sure that they might go and try and get the child aborted at one of these seedy abortion clinics. But I can’t help admiring her as well as feeling sorry for her at the same time. She gave up everything stepped out of her comfort zone for love or at least what she thought was love and that’s something few of us would do.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Living their lie by Brandon Ingram - What a great Read

“We both loved the same man, but she had his son and I had his heart” therein lies the plot of one of the best books I have read in recent times.

I actually bought Living Their Lie by Brandon Ingram in August 2009, but somehow it ended up lying in my shelf hidden by newer acquisitions till a couple of weeks back when I reached for it to read on my way to Yala. What a wise decision it was.

There are only a very few books which I can say I have read with absolute relish and this belongs to that rare category. The only other local authors who I have enjoyed so much and have ended up in my relish list are Ashok Ferry and Carl Muller.

The plot was interesting and the story moved at a fast pace with amazing twists and turns. An added bonus was that it was beautifully written. Reading this book to me was as intriguing as walking through a beautifully designed mansion like Tintagel with beautiful works of art on either side. It was absolutely perfect, everything was where it should and all you need to do was to wallow and absorb the wonder of the place with every step taken. This was the first book where the topic of bisexuality has been broached with such gay abandon. Pun not intended. And just in case you are thinking this has some kind sleazy erotica aspect to it you are wrong. However I must admit that it does add a certain sizzle to the entire book. I am not going to write more about the plot and ruin it for those who want to read it but if you ever see it in a store buy it and you will not regret it.

The amazing thing is I can’t seem to find anything wrong with this book even if I want to do so desperately. I think this post is gushing too much and someone might be forgiven for thinking that I have been paid to do so. Ok let me see. Oh yes there is one thing, it is far too short! I just wish he had padded it up by a couple of hundred pages more so that I could still be reading it 14 days later instead of enduring the frustration of finishing it half way before I reached my destination.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who would think not humping can get you screwed!

Not I for one either. But sadly it can if you are working in one of the city's shining corporates and your boss is a randy shrew who has developed the hots for you. And what makes it worse is that she is sleeping with the CEO giving her unlimited power within the organisation. I was laughing at it first when I heard of this situation and my knee jerk reaction was how come this kind of thing does not happen to me? To be honest the female in question or rather in command of this situation is not bad at all for a night of slap and tickle so to speak. But it was not as funny for this guy who was going through this situation who is quite a serious soul.
I have heard of many situations where a male superior has made advances on his female subordinates. But this is the only instance I have heard of where the roles are reversed. I somehow think it takes a lot of guts to say NO to a pretty and purposeful female who has seduction mode status on full. But that's exactly what this guy did. He went a couple of notches higher on my esteem when I heard of his self control. If it was me I would have sucumbed. But now he is paying for it dearly. She has made the work environment hell for this boy so much so that he is thinking of leaving without finding alternate employment. And this is a guy who has no other means of income and is the sole bread winner of his family. Can you imagine how desperate he must be? I was advising him to take some legal advice in order to get some breathing space till he finds a proper job. But he is terrified that this lady can sink his career and does not even want to explore what kind of options are open to him. She knows a lot of influential people and this scares him shitless narrowing down the choices available to him. He can't even complain to the management about this situation as she has got the CEO by the balls. Guess what they say about hell having no fury like a woman scorned is absolutely true.