Tuesday, June 24, 2008

High Pressure Day

Ohhh wooow what a day it has been! I just thought I might burst a blood vessel. I've done some good ads for my client and they have been quite appreciative of it. Sadly the work is so good that it makes the client seem bigger than their spend. Which is making lots of people jealous. And making them want to get their filthy little paws on my clients media budget. To add insult to injury there is a bum sucker in the clients side who is trying to get the media passed to one of his friends so he can enjoy some commission on the side. And that is not all.
A friends daughter who I tried to do a favour has now become a problem. I scheduled her ads for her for a low fee using the good will and the good credit ratings my agency enjoys. But sadly she has decided not to pay our bills and this has created a huge problem for me. The last cheque bounced and now I am faced with a dilemma. My lawyers advice me to make a polics complaint as a bounced cheque is considered a criminal offence. But how can I go to my friends house and spend time with them enjoying their fellowship when on one side I have to place an police entry about his daughter?
And so here I am frustrated tired angry I've tried my level best to be calm and level headed butI dont know what to do.... so I wait till tomorrow. Hopefully things should turn out better.

Monday, June 16, 2008

When will it be?

I saw her again after a couple of weeks… and my heart started beating faster… even after all these years apart... just seeing her makes me want her… so much… to hold her in my arms… crush her lips against mine… to make her whimper and moan to feel her body respond to my thrusts… feel her explode against me… and then crash… holding me tight… whimpering cuddling… panting… with tears gently gushing down her eyes as she climbs down to earth… from heaven.
Gosh I miss you… I wish I was with you…
You are so close… just within arms reach yet you might as well be in another planet…
I long to spend time with you… I long to read with you… I long to stroke your hair… and just be comfortable in the strange camaraderie of our silence… luxuriating in each others company… But when will it be? Oh God…. When will it be!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Its godly to forgive!

Well this is the story I wanted to write about on my previous post but got side tracked instead and ended up unloading about my frustrating week. Well the fact is I met this gentleman who had lived through the 83 riots. His house had been destroyed and he had to go from being a Colombo boy to Jaffna where he was bullied and ridiculed by everyone for being from a posh background. Of course sometime after that he went abroad and made it big. But what I cant believe is that he decided to come back to Sri Lanka and set up a business here thereby providing Sri Lankans more jobs.
How can one who saw his home destroyed by people from another race come back and not feel angry about it? But when I started thinking about it there were many people who has done it. There is a pastor in the church I go to whose house was burnt by people who used to come and watch television in his house daily.
If this happened to me would I feel the same away about it? I don't think so! In fact I would be a terrorist by now. What makes these people who have been terribly treated by us Sinhalese forgive us and put the past behind them and carry on as before. Well I don't know the answer but it leads to the title of my post its godly to forgive!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A frustrating week?

Here I am staring at this empty box... trying to figure out what I should write?
Wish there was something deep and meaningful which would feel like pearls of wisdom. And sadly nothing seems to appear in the horizon.
Should I write about how difficult it was for me to close the months accounts without showing a loss. What a frustrating week it has been as I had to give leave to some of my colleagues to go and sit for their CIM exams. And there was a ton of work which was getting delayed as a result. That I felt like that they are looking at working for me as a holiday exercise till they finish their exams and get on to more challenging tasks.
Is it me? Am I being a bad leader? Not motivating my team to reach for greater heights. Or is it just me being a sissy and a lazy bum who waits for the orange to fall into his lap instead of going and plucking it from the tree.
Should I talk about the frustrating meetings which I had to attend to with some of the most idiotic people. Making me wonder if I had made the right career choice. In fact making me wish I had such a small operation that I could tell these idiots to go and shove it instead of having to put on a nice face and smile.... in order to make sure that I had enough funds to pay my team.
Some of them who are the most ungrateful SOBs under the son. I had a situation where one of my team members were asked to voice a commercial where he had gone to supervise the recording while he was on duty. This particular voice cut was rejected by the client. But yet this guy insists that we should pay him his full fee. Theoretically he is correct. But he was on duty when he did this project. And I have paid him a five figure salary for the past one and a half years and put up with the crap work which he has done without firing him cos I knew he had to have a way to make ends meet. He did very little work and the rest of the time did sweet nothing. I really had to keep a check on my temper as I wanted to ask him to get out immediately... but then I thought of a local saying which says when a dog barks at you and if you bark back then you become a dog as well.
I was wondering if I should rave and rant about the Bomb which went off this morning killing 20 more innocent people. Life is so uncertain these days. You are never sure if you will make it back home till you get there. I wonder if this bomb might lead to some kind of riots.
Amidst all this I was sitting with a client and heard the most amazing story which I will share with you later on in another post.

Monday, June 2, 2008

You tighten your belt... I will just buy a few more Mercedes

It was a wet Sunday morning... was raining so hard that the last thing you wanted to do was to get out of the house.... I was in a bad mood... not only due to the wet weather but also to the situation in general. The way the cost of living was going up... the way the purchasing power of monthly income seems to reduce that makes me wonder if I will be able to provide a comfortable life for my family for long.... so there I was certainly not being a mister sunshine when i saw the headlines of the Sunday Leader. One of the three papers I buy. It says the government is importing eight brand new Mercedes-Benz S class cars to Sri Lanka. All to take part in some SAARC summit and then to be absorbed in to the presidents pool of vehicles.
Wasn't it a few days back that I read that all of us had to tighten our belts. Isn't this the man who is printing money to pay the government and contributing to inflation. What kind of man is this who will tell others to save while he goes on wasting money regardless of the consequences.
Then I thought in fact most people are like that. We all want others to sacrifice but we really don't want to give up our privileges. What is good for others is not necessarily good for us, so all in all guess good old MR is just one of the boys just like us.