Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Japanese food at reasonable prices...

But the ambience is terrible...down right shit if you pardon my French. The people who have done the interior of Naniyori could learn a few lessons from Nionbashi. If you have not heard of Naniyori it is the Japanese restaurant of Steam Boat located at the Nawala Junction. Steamboat has always had a reputation of decent food at decent prices. Specially if you like "Sri Lankan Chinese" and I would say it is the same for the new restaurant. I first started ordering their bento boxes which were great value for money. Also the take away stuff was very professionally packed and presented. One would think it was from a 5star restaurant or a place like Odel, it was so well done. In fact it made me think the restaurant would be as classy as the packaging till I visited it the other day. First I made the cardinal mistake of taking some people out for lunch to a restaurant I had never been to before. Coming to think of it I have never dined at steam boat either other than having an occassional drink at their bar which I love. It is dingy and dark and you get all sorts of life forms passing through. Also you get to order delicious chinese food for bites.
Anyway back to the story. The Japanese restaurant was on the fourth floor and we were the only diners their. As we went in we were greeted by a gush of warmth since no one had thought of turning the airconditioners on to cool the place for clients to step into a cool atmosphere. Later I realized that a Japanese restaurant in Nawale would not have that much of a crowd during lunch. Not only was it stifling hot but there was a strong glare as the place had uncovered glass on three sides and these were not the heat resistant type. The atmosphere was warm and sticky and the decor absolutely drab and plain.
For a moment we were worried if they were in a position to serve us. And the waiter did not inspire a lot of confidence in us either. Anyway it was too late to go somewhere else and we decided to take the chance and order. The food did take some time to come but it was very good. We had sushi rolls, negiri sushi, sashimi katsudan and a fried calamari dish. All were nice very well presented and the portions were generous. The service was quite bad. We had to ask for water a couple of times and even the paper napkins were brought only after it was requested three times. But the price was under a thousand per person which was the most attractive part of the whole experience.
I must say the restaurant would be much nicer in the night since it is one of the higher buildings in the area, but you will never find me going their for lunch again. Even if I have to starve.

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Kanchana said...

You should try the newly refurbished Naniyori Restaurant on the 1st Floor of the Steam Boat building at Nawala. Tremendous improvement and also the best Tuna I have tasted.