Friday, May 28, 2010

Permit to profit!

"Oh give me a permit... where the mercedes roam... and brand new SUVs can be picked up like hay..." (Sung to the tune of Home on the range apologies about the bad rhyme thank goodness I am not a rapper) that's the song I am croaking these days as I writhe in envy when I realized what an windfall of opportunity has been bestowed on our political masters. Did you know that each of them is getting a duty free permit to import a vehicle of up to 50,000 U.S Dollars. The same kind of vehicle which we the powers that voted them in would have to pay 250,000 dollars for. This means for the price we pay for a decent second hand sedan they can get a top range mercedes or brand new fully loaded Land Cruiser. When I heard of this I was shedding tears at the unfairness of it all. Do you know nearly all the cars bought under these permits are sold bringing them a more than tidy profit. Do you also know that we have the most expensive cars in the world and we pay 400% of the value of a vehicle as duty and tax?
Why oh why does this government deny us of the experience of driving a decent vehicle while keeping the privilege selfishly for themselves. If its bad for us who do a decent days work shouldn't it be equally bad for those who are good for nothing and don't know the meaning of the word decent or work for that matter. In fact I think its time the roles are reversed where the politicians should be asked to pay a far higher price. After all they are the parasites who are sucking this country dry.

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