Friday, May 21, 2010

The greedy security guard..

Now I know people like to eat specially if they don't get the opportunity to indulge often. But this guy I will call Rod really takes the cake. Well the other day we had a breakfast function in office. This chap was seen filling plates till they overflow and taking them to his security hut SIX times. And then he actually sent another person twice to get some more stuff. And it did not stop at that; we had kept the left over food in the pantry and this guy was seen making frequent trips to the pantry and taking more stuff in little bags. One would wonder what he does with the food. Does he share it? No! He just eats it throughout the next few days. Thank goodness as a rule we make it a point to always order more than what is required.
People say I should be angry at this guy for his gluttony but to be honest all I feel is pity towards him. I too like my food and it makes me wonder if I did not have the opportunities I have today if I too would end up like him?

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