Monday, February 7, 2011

Some pics from my journey

Snow the first time I have experienced it... the view from my room.

Just an interesting shot at a Japanese restaurant

Was scared to try this dish

A really tiny room I had to spend the night in Tokyo but it had everything one needed except space

The even tinier toilet but ohhh warm toilet seats are so heavenly

Tokyo at night

Mall interior

Trying to focus on Shinkazen the electric train...

Ooops too late... it was so fast by the time my camera focussed for second pic it has passed.

Beautiful music made out of bells

My favourite store - Muji

These are the place mats at the restaurant in the Toyota Automobile museum it looked so good I wanted to bring them home instead of eating off it.

The beautiful seat at the Automobile Museum with the first Toyota ever made in the back ground.
Sadly my good camera got messed up when I was there and I ended up taking most of my pictures from my trusty Black Berry.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A great opportunity to spend two weeks in Japan.

Would you like to spend two weeks in Japan. Learn what makes Japan one of the most powerful economies in the world and what drives their business culture. More importantly visit some of the shining examples of Japanese production excellence? All this for just 30% of the cost. Well the good news is you can.

JASTECA (Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association) in Association with AOTS Japan send out to teams of people from Sri Lanka to Japan on training scholarships. Every year they send close to 100 people on various programs which include management, leadership as well as production and logistics. They put you up in their facilities throughout Japan which are actually mini star class hotels. In addition to that they take you on a study tour of Japanese companies and put you up in Star class hotels.

Amazingly not many people know about this scheme and the competition to get in is not as intense as what one would think. Also they prefer to give these out to people who hold senior managerial positions. I just returned from one of these scholarships and I found it an amazing and life changing experience. I think everyone should give it a try.

Want to find out more please visit the websites which I have hyperlinked on this post.