Monday, May 10, 2010

Never has a movie made me this uncomfortable...

Or disturbed me for that matter till I mistakenly slipped the movie "Precious" into the DVD player and sat down to unwind on a Sunday evening. Two hours later I am still feeling outraged about what I saw. The fact that everything I typed on this subject getting completely erased could have contributed to this situation too. It was ironic that I had to watch a movie about a selfish mother abusing and ill treating her daughter on Mothers Day when we are celebrating exactly the opposite. Believe it or not I bought this movie a couple of weeks back at the insistence of my kids who had seen a lot about it on Oprah. Now I had heard of the movie but really did not know what it was about and we sat together as a family that evening to watch it. A few minutes into the movie when the swear words were flowing like a river and the child had been hit once on her head with a pan I realized this was not a movie to be watched with children. Featured on Oprah or not! And we had to change discs instead of shooing the kids away. And it was today that I had the time to watch it once more.
Complex... Characters, story line and editing style that's the best way to classify this. I also felt that the lady who played the role of the crazy mom of precious did a fantastic job and deserves a best supporting actress nomination. What really disturbed me was that not only does this lady allows her husband to violate her daughter and give her two kids but also gets the daughter to give her pleasure at certain times. This is very subtly put across in one scene when the mother calls out to the daughter and says come look after mummy. It still made my skin crawl. All this makes me think the movie needs to be reclassified as horror instead of Drama because that is what it really is.

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crystal flame said...

i agree, it was an extremely disturbing movie.. I had to pause and come back to it at a later time, it was very upsetting. she sure did deserve that award. it's sad that such stories are out there..