Sunday, June 22, 2014

A new definition of BC and AC

"well if I don't know anything then I can always turn to google" this was the phrase which got me thinking. It was from a conversation I was having with my friend BP from the USA who had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy less than two weeks ago. We were talking about how tips and tricks of looking after children were passed down from mother to daughter in the Sri Lankan culture by the daughter staying with  with the mother at her house for the first three months after birth. Her bemused reaction got me thinking of how important google has become in our life. And actually we can divide time into two sectors. Before google and after google. Maybe it is time that it replaced Before Christ (BC) and After Christ (AC)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dawning of the truth through darkenss

The worst thing about being a dad is the pain of seeing your darling daughter shed tears because of the hurt caused by another male. That is exactly what happened to me last night and I am still trying to come to grips with how I feel. All her life I have done my best to protect her. Doing my best to shield her from the vagaries of life and keep her out of harm’s way. Sadly it seems that I could not put a shield around her heart. I feel impotent and angry because there is nothing I can do but just look on as she sobs her heart away. I wish I could be angry with the boy who caused those tears to fall down those cheeks. Punch him in the face maybe and kick him till he falls to the ground. But I can’t. It is really not his fault. It is just circumstance. I don’t think it was even young love but a little crush which might have blossomed into something more. So here I am paralyzed by not knowing what to do. Crushed by the dawning of the truth that as she grows older there will be certain voids which I cannot fill. Just hoping and praying to God that time will heal all wounds. And she will know that I will be always their for her when she needs me.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The momentous Ceylon Tea Moments!!!

I have already witnessed at least a couple of posts about this place already. And I doubt you will find anything new and useful in this post but other than the fact that I am screaming out that “I AGREE!!!” with all the good things which people keep on saying about Ceylon Tea Moments at the Race Course. Firstly the food as well as the ambiance is great. Secondly it is amazingly reasonably priced. In fact I think the tea is far more expensive than the food. Anyway I have been there a couple of times already and thought I will share what I ate and what I thought of the food. 
The Crab Roti if you are visiting for the first time then this is a must have.
and its virtually over flowing with crab

Stir fried lamb and vegetables was the most expensive at 1100/-

This dessert was ok

The ice cream was nothing much
However this Yara they made with condensed milk is amazing
This vegetable salad is tasty and serves two easily and comes with four bread buns for 400/-
This beef burger was delicious
The breakfast deal is amazing it starts with kola kenda

choice of spicy omelette 

or Kiribath, pol roti or chick peas

followed by curd and honey, fruit or lavariya all for 550/-
 Just in case you did not know it this place is done by Sri Lankan catering the same people who do Semondu. That is the reason the food is so reasonably priced and so good. Firstly because they can buy their supplies at the same discounts they get for the Sri Lankan catering operation and they have access to the same great chefs. Also since it is a duty free operation they don't charge any of the taxes. Which is great news for you and me though I cannot say is the same for their competition.

A sick way to treat the sick…

Recently I had the misfortune of taking a patient to see a neurosurgeon at a centrally located private hospital. Sadly I cannot mention the name due to personal reasons. However it is considered one of the most modern and leading hospitals in Sri Lanka. The appointment was at six. Since generally this doctor see patients on time we arrived at the location at 5.30. When we went to his usual consulting room on the 03rd floor there was a sign on the door wanting us to go to the fifth floor. We realized that the 5th floor is where the Operating Theatre and the ICU are located. Apparently the doctor was seeing his patients’ in between carrying out Surgeries. Or vice versa. However the sad thing is that this floor has been designed to ensure minimal access to outsiders. It had none of the facilities for outpatients who visit the hospitals to see their doctors. Facilities like comfortable chairs; toilets or air conditioning. Over 60 of us were packed like sardines into an access passage connecting the floor to the stairway. There was only one measly fan turning slowly and hardly any ventilation. Since this was neurosurgeon most of the people who were there were seniors or small babies and some mentally unstable people on wheel chairs. It was absolutely hell for them. To add insult to injury the doctor had to carry out an urgent surgery and slipped into the surgery whilst all of us were waiting outside. We waited and waited and waited for nearly three hours along with our fellow sufferers. These nerve operations not only are they costly but they are extremely long. By the time the patient I was with had been attended too it was 9.45 in the night meaning we had been in this hospital for over 4 hours.
You know what the most amazing thing was though? No one complained. No one raised their voices in frustration. They just waited quietly… quietly suffering.