Thursday, April 28, 2011

A nice place to eat in Puttlam area

It is very hard to find a decent place to eat in the Puttlam area and for the benefit of my fellow foodies and travellers I am putting up this post. This place was reccomended to us by JM whose passion is finding unique places to eat. Siebel's sea food cafe is in Palaviya just a few kilometers away from the Kalpitiya turn off.

This is owned and operated by a burgher gentleman from Colombo called Seibel - hence the name - who has been doing this for the past ten years. It seems he has some kind of hotel experience and that shows in the way he maintains the place. He also speaks English which is good if you are a foreigner.

This is not a fancy restaurant but its clean and hygienic. The water they serve is from one of those 20liter water dispensers and it was reassuring to notice that the sauce bottles were covered with polythene bags to keep away the flies. Since the kitchen is open one can see your food being made.

The food is unpretentious good old fashioned sri lankan devilled chinese which is served hot off the work extremely efficiently and fast. I heard they have a rice and curry buffet as well but it was closed since it was Sunday. We ordered deviled prawns fried cuttle fish and garlic garlic kankung with fried rice and our food was ready in less than ten minutes which was nice.

The Kankung was amazing. Sadly we all tucked into it so fast that there was no time to take a pic. Not only did it have cloves of garlic but it also had the normal onions tomato and capsicum which one would see in a "devil". Guess it could be described as a deviled kankung with garlic.
This place seems quite popular with the locals in the area because it was over flowing with people from the area. Overall we had a good meal and was delighted to discover that the bill too was quite reasonable as it worked out to less than 500 bucks per head. We all left this place with stomachs full hearts happy and a big burp in our throats.
You can call them on 0776584744 if needed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tranquility and truth in Yala...

Never seen so much mist in Yala one could have been mistaken for thinking they were at Horton Plains for a moment...

Wonder if you can see the peacock???

This is the truth I was referring to in the heading of this post just in case you are wondering.

Am I being old fashioned or isn't this a bit too much???

Spied this at Odel at the 50% off section recently. Don't you think they have overstepped the line a little bit here. Am I being old fashioned or would any of you ladies out there where a search such as this? Maybe there are many who would agree with me cos that's why it ended up in the discount bin. I wanted to take a picture of the Male Calvin Klein undies with the Silver sparkles which was also another rare find but the sales girl was looking and I did not have the heart to do so. On the other hand I did find some good bargains there. So it was not all that bad!

A long drive for a quick beer

Four hours up and down for a single bottle of cold Lion lager and a plate of prawns to Hikkaduwa.

Some would think I am crazy... but the drive was nice... the company scintillating... the music mellow and the overall experience heavenly...
The prawns were excellent too... wish I had some bread to wipe up the gravy....

Would I do it again? Most definitely.
This was the gents at International in Hikka somehow I thought it made a great pic and would have made a great ad for tipex whitener if they wanted to expand usage to a different sector before they get extinct.

The dream of 3 animals!!! Brilliant!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terrible title - terrific movie.

If ever there was a movie title which actually made you NOT want to go for a movie then it has to be this: "Mars need moms"
When I called the theater to find out what kind of movie was on they pronounced moms in such a way I heard it like "Gnomes" and somehow my daughter said she had seen trailers of such a movie on cable. I could sense the excitement draining away as we discovered there was no Gnomes in the actual title. But since we were already there we decided to stay on. Mainly because we didn't have anything more interesting do during this time. And it turned out to be a good decision to have done so. I wonder if it was the low expectations we had but the movie turned out to be excellent. The graphic work was amazing and so was the storyline. So if you like cartoons like I do and the name "Moms need Mars" did not inspire you to make the effort to go see it then think again.

Blood Curry!

I was at the butchers the other day when I saw a bowl of curdled blood
On the table along with some other parts of the bull. When I enquired what it was the butcher explained to me that some poor people buy the blood for about 20 bucks and make it into a curry. I was aghast to hear it. I didn't realize that poverty was so bad in our country. What a shame.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

E mail from Bangkok

The hotel I am staying in BKK is where some minister and his entourage are staying and the woman who gave me a footmassage thought I was an indian and was scolding the sri lankan minister for asking for extras during a balm massage... a full body oil massage is bht 500 and a balm massage is bht 300 and the bugger opted for the cheaper option and asked for extras......ha ha haa  bloody perverts even his hangers on are bringing in women obvioously on a limited budget so the ones they are brining in are far from fresh faced and nubile... all of them are wearing the pirith noolas and shagging these women!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I stalked a leopard!

It was a spur of the moment decision to go to Yala for just one night. A visitor had come down from Japan who was dying to see Yala. A bungalow in Yala was free and the missus was willing to allow the children to cut school on Thursday and Friday since the term tests were over. Of course being on the road for 12 hours to spend one night does not seem to make that much sense when you look at it from the surface. But it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. We had over 05 leopard sightings during a period of less than 12 hours. 02 in the evening drive and 03 during the morning drive. And one leopard we followed for nearly 30 minutes as he walked along the hadunnoruwa bund in all his majesty. This is the advantage of seeing leopards in the morning as they prefer to stay on the road where the morning dew does not get on to their bodies. Amazingly I have not had this many sightings even when we had stayed in Yala for a couple of nights. All I can say is that I am blessed. :)

Cricketing Conspiracy Theories!

Was with some stalwarts in the cricketing administration and of course a post mortem of the world cup was definitely going to take place. What came out was really interesting. For instance the allegations that the match was fixed is being taken very seriously. But it is not the players who are suspected of the foul deep but the selector who brought in four new players and broke the equilibrium of the side. Coming to think of it the man is quite capable of something like this even though he is loaded. But I am sure a couple of extra hundred millions would always come in handy.
Also heard that SJ would have been playing for the world cup at the insistence of the leader of the land if not for 05 players in the team threatening to resign. Oh well this is Sri Lanka after all and a land like no other.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Divorcee = slut + easy

I knew and have read in the blogsphere that ladies who are divorced and separated get hit on a lot by men over here. But I did not know what an epidemic of gigantic proportion this problem was until a close friend as well as colleague started going through one. To all the males who she came into contact with she might as well be wearing a huge sign saying I am easy and looking for a fuck so come and get it. People at all levels were harassing her with one purpose which was to get into bed with her. The height of this was when some unknown party who was present at a court hearing called her and offered to share her pain. He had copied her number down when she was giving it to the court registrar for some legal matter. This made me dig deeper into this problem. And it seems that what my friend experienced was not an isolated case. In fact when I was talking about this scenario with another gentleman he told me how he knew of a modern day Romeo who only pursued ladies who were separated or divorced. His logic; she is no more a virgin and therefore if I bed her and leave her I am really not being irresponsible. I nearly puked when I heard this statement. Firstly because this attitude stinks. And also because this guy thought he was being quite noble and full of virtue by going down this path. I know some of the pressures which people in this group go through and what they need is an extra helping of TLC and certainly not some wolf in sheep’s clothing waiting to pounce on them.