Sunday, May 9, 2010

Words which were never said...

I appreciate what you have done for me... Today I can see that everything you told me was right.. I know I did not agree with it at that time but now I do. I cannot imagine how much pain I would have caused by my rebelliousness. Now that I have to earn a living of my own I am amazed how you managed to give me everything I needed. Now that I have kids of my own I can understand how concerned you were. I am yet to achieve in my life what you have even though you had many more obstacles to overcome than I did.
Sadly you are not here now for me to say I am sorry or to thank you. And these are just empty meaningless words now. But I am truly sorry for all the pain I caused and am sad that you are not here to see that I am ok. Happy Mothers Day Ammi.
In appreciation of my late mom whose relationship with me was stormy to say the least till the bitter end.