Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cat fights :(

Why do seemingly normal people turn out into absolute bitches when confronted with a member of the same sex who they consider a threat?
Well guess it is a Million Dollar question which no one has found the answer to yet? And I doubt they will do so in the future.
But I faced a situation the other day where two ladies who I work with pretty closely fought like absolute cats. Even though this fight was a nonphysical one – it was done via email – one could sense the viciousness and hatred emanating from this exchange. And when probed it seems the main cause of it is due to jealousy. Each person is jealous of the other and the worst part is I am stuck between the two trying to balance everything. Trust me this is no easy task. It was started by the office bully S who over reacted to a simple email by K and then boy didn't the fireworks start to flow. But in the end it was K who I felt sorry for because she did not realize that S was manipulating her to react in that manner. 
What they say about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is absolutely true.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eat Pray Love - the novel!

Read it! Read it! Read it!
Even if you have seen the movie. Because it is far deeper and actually is full of interesting facts for those of us who are seekers of a more spiritual way of life.  I did and was accused of being a chick in a man’s body. But enjoyed it tremendously nevertheless. It is one of the few instances in life where the book and movie complement one another. I have only found two other such situations. One was Silence of the lambs series with Anthony Hopkins and of course the twilight series. But be forewarned the standard edition of the book has really small lettering and could be hard to read. Well at least for me it was.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More conversations with confused: The parting

Confused sits in front of me. Stares at me desperately and says:
“It happened.
We decided to part.
It hurts. No it hurts terribly.
One part of me screams go bring her back
Fight for her
But logic raises its ugly head
For what it asks?
So that you can have another fight?
Another argument over something trivial?
Because we are both frustrated at what could have been…
We have seen what heaven might be like
Even though it was through a thick impenetrable glass pane
So the logical part of me dictates to my heart
and I am doing my level best to ensure that we remain apart
Because in the end it is the best for her.
Because I still care for her
After all what can I offer her?
A secret visit?
A quiet journey far away
Away from the eyes of the public
I got too many responsibilities
Too many commitments
I can’t even go out with her
Hold her hand and go for a walk or dance with her
Be there with her when a new year dawns
I just wish fate had not been so cruel and decided to connect us
Just for a few moments… instead of a lifetime.
Yet I am grateful
For the brief moments we shared
For the gentleness that I experienced
For a brief glimpse of true happiness.

A rant about prostitution

This was originally a comment to a post by Lady Divine here. But it became so long winded and serious I thought I might as well post it on my blog instead of venting on her page which would be uncool to say the least.
I always find it incredibly sad how people look down on "Prostitution" and have so much negative attitude towards them. In my experience most of the time it is the females who look down on other female prostitutes the most. I do not know why that is? In fact I think it is downright cruel. I personally feel that a female would have empathized more.  I think I would feel sad if I know someone who has to go down that route because that would mean he/she would be in a desperate predicament. But I would also admire that person’s determination, courage and strength and Love. Yes Love! Because I know it is not easy and you would have to really care for someone to lay down your dignity for them.  At least they make some money out of when there are thousands of others who have to "Sleep" with their spouses for free; not because they want to but because they feel obliged to.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What do you do???

When you see someone destroying her life in front of you?

Where whatever you say falls on deaf ears.

Where parents are so dysfunctional they are blind or refuse to see what’s happening.

Where everyone around is doing what little they can to push her over the edge.

Where your hands are tied and you have tried it all and there is nothing else to do?

What can one do other than pray and leave it in God’s hands…… 

...and wait for the miracle.

Have you discovered Michal Angelo????

See how our minds jump to conclusions. I used to pass this pizza parlour on the Nawala Rajagiriya road quite frequently but never gave it a second glance because I never thought a pizza place worth its salt would situate itself in this kind of neighborhood. But suddenly I began to hear whispers of how good they were and when a colleague of mine who is absolutely critical of food started waxing eloquent about how nice the pizzas were I had to give it a try.
I must confess I was not disappointed.
The pizzas were quite good. In fact my kids were over the moon with the cheese lovers pizza. Well I must confess I was too. It was the first time I have enjoyed a completely cheese pizza.
Apparently the owner of this place is the ex of the Italian lady who runs Regina Margherita. Though he is of Sri Lankan descent he seems to have mastered the art of making pizza better than an Italian. He is also quite a genial chap though he looks quite unapproachable at first. He was generous enough to give me some salad thing which was really nice. According to him the best way to enjoy Michal Angelo’s pizza is to dine in at their tiny restaurant because you can enjoy it straight out of their wood fired oven with their fresh condiments. Hmmm that’s what I am going to do next!
For those who are interested they do deliver on 0722612612 but they are yet to accept credit cards. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Conversations with confused: The season of reason

“They say people come into our life for a reason and for a season” confused tells me.
“We need to welcome them with open arms but more importantly need to let them go without clutching at them when it is time to depart.”
“Sadly that's a problem I am having trouble with. It seems I can't let go. I am clutching desperately. Like a drowning man reaching for a blade of grass”.
“So much so I am beginning to be sick of myself.”
“Maybe because she came to me just like a wounded bird. A bird, that I had to pick up and care for nd make strong. Who was helpless and would not have survived without me.  I cared and I protected and I watched her heal. Regain the strength bit by bit. Yes, I admit I have become attached to her. Maybe the act of caring for her gave me meaning to my life gave me a sense of worth. But now the wounds have healed and she is ready to fly away.
“Gosh I wish I did not feel this way. Wish God had given me a thick skin where I did not feel anything or made me blind to the little cracks which seem to appear as large as the Grand Canyon to me.”
“I don’t think even she knows the transformation which is taking place in her”. But I know for a fact that it is the beginning of the end.”