Saturday, May 1, 2010

The most advanced invisible cinema in town!

Is completely hidden to the eyes of the public. Infact I would not have known about it if I had not been invited to a movie which you would read about in another post. I have been passing this location everyday without realizing what was behind the old broken down building of the National Film Corporation studio complex. When I drove past the broken down wreck which is upfront what i saw Sri Lankas most technologically advanced movie theatre housed in quite a modern building. I was told it has the newest and best equipment in the country.

It is surrounded by a large but overgrown garden. Which was muddy and made me wonder if there were snakes as I walked away from my vehicle.

What I could not believe is that this facility remains empty 99% of the time. It made me sad to see the wasted potential of this place. A sophisticated theatre. A large spacious garden! Enough and more parking! Right in the heart of Colombo. I could just imagine what this place could have been if it was managed by someone like like Harpo who manage Park Street Mews. It could be the cultural centre of Colombo just like the art center was in the good old days. I sincerely hope that someone takes this place and turns it around cos this location has got great potential.

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Arkitektonic said...

at least they used it in a movie! :)