Monday, November 24, 2014

Slow traffic in fast food outlet:

So after many months after its opening I finally decided to step into Subway. It was a rainy Sunday night there were less than ten people at the counter. Yet I had to wait an excruciatingly long time to place my order. The main reason being the person in front of me was taking her own cool time to order.Asking this and that from the staff behind the counter and in the process delaying everyone else. I had read about these delays before online. But I thought people would have realized by now how to order properly.
Sadly that was not the case. I think what Subway should do is to place some kind of guest relations officer to welcome everyone and help them to figure out what to choose at the entrance and this problem would have reduced dramatically. Hopefully the thought will dawn on someone in their management team soon.
Fortunately for me I don't think that I will have to experience this pain for a long time as I don't plan to step in through those doors ever again.
Why you might ask?
Because I found the product average and I think the sandwiches offered at HTC and Deli France are much better, tastier and fresher. Also greater value for money I might add. But the biggest advantage of all is not having to wait till the annoying fat lady in front of you takes her own cool time to decide what she and her kid wants.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happiness is…

...sometimes just being able to roll up your daughter’s shirt sleeves.
That’s what I discovered a few hours ago. When my thirteen year old who’s going on sixteen came to see if her old man thought if her outfit was cool? Of course I had to make a slight alteration and as she thrust her slender arms out for me to roll her sleeves up I thanked God for the close relationship I share with my two daughters. It is not a gift which every dad is blessed with. And I am grateful for it. Makes all the sacrifice and tough decisions I have to make absolutely worth it.