Saturday, May 1, 2010

How I wonder what you are?

The title intrigued me as well as the look and feel of the invite which landed on my desk. Even though it was a busy Friday evening for me I decided to accept the invite to attend the premier of a new movie of a young and aspiring movie director. I thought if I found the movie boring then I could always sneak out in the dark. Sadly that’s where I was wrong.

Before the movie started the MC made a very special request from the audience which was that the Directors -yes there were two of them – had requested that the audience do not leave till the end credits have finished rolling.

Well I was well and truly trapped and the next 90 minutes were literally torture for me. I realized the entire movie did not have anything to do with the title at all and in fact they had just used the title purely because it was catchy. What intrigued me most was that the film did not have a story. It was an abstract piece of junk set in a filthy house with filthy people and filthy toilets and the only thing it did was to encourage young girls to smoke. Now I am no stranger to Independent cinema I have seen a fair number of so called abstract movies which I found quite intriguing and enthralling to watch. Sadly it seems in this particular case I have missed the plot by a mile or there was/is no plot. Or message for that matter. All I saw was some pieces of good cinematography loosely strung together in a meaningless mesh where the producers were crying out to be considered modern new age creative types purely because the entire thing did not make any sense at all. Or guess I am too old for this kind of thing now. Check the link out for yourself and see what you think.

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