Friday, April 30, 2010

Life's Funnier Moments

I was at the gym and there are two doctors working out along side me. One guy is encouraging the other while on the phone. He is saying “Push” “Push” to his colleague and at the same time shouting “give the patient the spinal injection!”. Now that I have written it down it does not look as funny as when it happened. But what the hell I thought I should share it.

Talking about life’s funny moments I can’t thank the Big Bad Blond Bahu enough for posting some you tube links to “Goodness Gracious Me” on her blog. Oh woow I had completely forgotten about how much I loved this program and me and my family spent an entire Sunday evening enjoying season 1 and season 1 of it. My entire family loved it including the kids and dog I think. I just thought I will post one of the funnier clips here to tickle everyones’ funny bone.

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