Monday, September 28, 2009

What a crime? Or should I say what crime?

Much ado about nothing! That was the first impression that came to my mind when I noticed the uproar regarding the Hikkaduwa beach Fest nude pictures. It was an irritant; gossip in the guise of news...
Later I watched in horror as it unravel into a monster of a crisis and consume the future of a couple of people who I personally think are only guilty of some innocent fun. Well even if one cannot say innocent it certainly was not malicious. Especially not to TARNISH the image of the country.
I was apalled at the venom which was being spewed out regarding this. Not only by the morons in power but more amazingly from some of the (what I thought was) moderate media.
My heart goes out to the people who were arrested and their families. I dont think that they ever imagined that their actions would lead to this kind of repercussions and they would end up in jail. I am sure there has been at least one occassion where you (the reader) would have circulated naughty emails from the office mail. I must confess I am guilty of the crime.
I wonder if it is an occupational hazzard of being in advertising but we doctor pictures a lot! For fun amusement and mischief as well. Though I really dont know the motive of the guy who did this; one part of me wonders could something similar have happenned if these pictures landed in my inbox?
What irritates me most is that there are so many other emails floating around some genuine some doctored. All much more controversial than this? What makes these pictures so special. Is it some kind of PR stunt to keep someones name in the paper.
It is sad that the powers that be are focussing their attention on something so insignificant when there are so many bigger issues, far more important than this petty non issue they could focus their attention on. Like Rape and incest and people driven to prostitution due to economic hardships. These issues are far more real and I would say more important. And would make a positive impact to the lives of thousands.
In any case what if this incident of nudity was real? We are a culture who were comfortable with nudity many years ago before the missionaries came. All I would say is lucky people; they seem to have had fun. Makes me wish I was at the party. If they did not harm anyone in anyway by their nudity who cares. Well maybe a few aimless, talentless politicians would?
The question which is always gnawing at the back of my mind is are we on the way to becoming a nation of prudes? Is our society moving towards becoming like some of the backward societies in Africa and the Middle East?
Sadly the more I see things around me the more it seems that my worst nightmares might become reality.


Jack Point said...

Some powerful people were involved in organising the festival, their ego's were bruised.

Forthose who care to read it, the writing is on the wall.

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