Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday (morning) Blues

It?s raining? it is dark and gloomy and my mood reflect the weather. Firstly I realized that I have lost complete control of my self-control and have become an absolute glutton over the weekend. Sadly I realized this as I was finishing off the remnants of what was half a liter of ice cream at 11 pm on Sunday night. Damn this chocolate twist is delicious. This was my 08th meal /snack for that day. It was a three day weekend for me because I had to take a day off as I was not feeling too well. And every day I have been stuffing myself like this. Ughhhh! Guilty conscience sends note to brain: I will start the week on a positive note by waking up early and going to the gym before starting work.
I wake up late and feel too lazy to go to the gym which is a big mistake. Now I am dragging my feet no spring in my step no song in my heart and no juntu to lead my team from the front. Walk into office and see that some basic things which I have requested to be done has not been done the way I expected. Looks up at the sky bites my lip holds my anger back and wonders why on earth I have been entrusted with such efficient people. Guess it is my cross to bear.
And then the usual Ramazan Feed follows. Two portions of biriyani down the hatch followed by wattalapam and now I feel like a python that has just swallowed an entire deer. Totally lifeless totally lethargic. Even typing this mini post is taking a great effort. I hope it helps to burn a few calories at least. I do hope tomorrow is going to be a better day.

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