Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Party Bus

The party bus keeps chugging along
Everyone’s singing their own special song
The road gets tougher
But no one worries that they may suffer
Because the party is still going strong.

The driver looks at the road ahead
Says to himself “I would rather be dead”
Then he looks back and sighs
Hoping that one day soon they would open their eyes
But the partying is still going strong

The fuel gauge nudges closer to the end
The tyres are bald; don’t think they can make it round the bend
The creeks and crackles of his pain
Are drowned out by the shrieks of pleasure of the vain.
Because the party is still going strong

Will they realize the uphill struggle?
The sacrifice… and priorities he had to juggle
They do not know what it took to bring them this far
Since their eyes always focused on what is behind the bar
Because the partying is still going strong.

All of a sudden the party will end
However much they try the bus will not mend
I did not know? What happened? they will say
With bitter tears of regret they will pay
Because the parting is still going to be as strong.

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