Friday, September 4, 2009

Making bread without bread???? A strange phenomena at cross roads.

When you are dining on Western Food you always expect bread and butter to be provided. I believe it is as common as cutlery. And to be honest all the restaurants which I had dined in the past always provided bread with the meal. Well except one which was the German Restaurant in Galle Face Courts but they do so now. Well it seems the good folk who operate the Cross Roads café and restaurant does not realize this or did not know this.
Well firstly if you have not heard of Crossroads it is the little pastry shop cum restaurant which is down Nawala Road. It is managed by the same people who do Tasty and I must confess the short eats and sweet pastries I have taken from there has been pretty good. To be honest I had been here many times but this is the first time I realized that cross roads also boasted a fully air-conditioned full service dine in area with quite a nice menu. The pastry shop and restaurant are in one building but you need to access it through different doors.
Well the person who was buying me lunch was a diabetic and wanted some bread rolls along with the food he ordered. To our amazement the waiter looks at us and says sorry sir we don’t serve bread rolls with the food. I could not believe my ears. No Bread!!!! Well this was a problem because he wanted some starch as he had just taken is insulin injection and his diabetes level would go up if he did not have some starch. The next obvious question was could you bring me something with bread or starch from the pastry shop. And once again the waiter said sorry sir we are not allowed to bring food from next door into this premises. Well I thought this was highly strange. And I thought what the hell what a fother mucking restaurant this was. Well anyway we knew who were the owners were (though the waiters did not know we knew) so we kept quiet about the whole thing and decided to order our meal.
Since I had already had an early lunch I ordered a Caesar’s Salad which was pretty darned good to say the least and followed it up with fruit salad and ice cream which was expected.
Whilst consuming our meal my host told me one main reason they do not allow food to be brought from the other side is that people bring the food and come and eat in the main restaurant without ordering anything additionally then the restaurant would not be able to break even. He told me how the restaurant had introduced a super Hopper set menu for 250/ which was great value for money. But they found that sometimes a family of five would visit order two meals and share it amongst all of them which did not make great business sense for the restaurant that is. I am sure the head of the family must be grinning like a Cheshire cat for where on earth could feed a family of five at a decent middle upper restaurant for 500 bucks.
Well I must say I am prepared to understand that. But no bread! Surely are they so profit hungry that they cant give two rolls of bread with the meal which is not cheap. Well guess by leaving out the bread they are making more “bread” in the long run. Hope they will learn that man cannot live by bread alone one of these days very soon.