Friday, September 11, 2009

A "C" string? What will they think of next?

Generally I am in the habit of ignoring all the junk mail which seems to flood my inbox. However sometimes I find the most intriguing and juiciest tit bits through them. For instance I discovered Loon Tao through them. As well as the fact that the Hamburgers sold at Sugar can now also be bought at the Odel Boulevard.

Well this particular mail really hit me in the face with its title. Which said that the C string is here. Now if the mail was not from Midnight Divas I would not have even opened it thinking that it was with reference to some kind of guitar string. It always intrigues me how the two strings which I know in underwear (yes G and C) are both guitar strings as well.

Anyway I was flummoxed to say the least when I saw what a C string was. Well it was like a hair band and a sanitary napkin have had a child. It had no waist around it. Guess you need to tuck it in the vital places and hey presto you have the comfort and protection of underwear without the threat of Visible panty line.

Just a little piece of information which a researcher friend shared with me about the underwear habits of normal lower income working girls in our country. Apparently the use of thongs is quite high. And they want the world to know that they are wearing them but without them peeking out of their pants like what would happen in a western country. How does one indicate you are wearing a thong without showing? Another clever Sri Lankan innovation: where white pants. Make the whole world aware that you are wearing a thong by innuendo as there is no visible panty line. I thought that was quite clever.

Well I am waiting to see what the next string would be?

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