Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sunday evening instead of my usual movie with the kids I found myself making myself towards shine. 6 in the evening was quite early to go for a rock concert but this was a jam session which had started at three. My mission to witness wagon park perform. The reason a nephew is performing in the band. Well I have been to this location when it was called Clancy’s though now it is called Shine though nothing much has changed other than the name. It was the same body guard at the door the same smoke filled atmosphere and yes sometimes the stale smell of sweat emanating from some bodies.

Well as opened the doors what hit me first was the noise and the smoke. There was youngster in a sarong bare bodied and with long hair wailing away as if he was being dragged to have his throat cut. Well then I realized he was performing. And what was really bad was that the song sounded familiar. In fact it was by Imagine by John Lennon. Oh boy how they murdered it. (In fact I thought I should have titled this article john Lennon murdered for the second time) I think this singer was trying to imitate Metallica and the typical stereo type of rock star on stage without depending on his own individuality.

There were lots of young ones. Most of them with long hair head banging away to glory whilst cigarettes hung out of their lips at dangerous angles. But what was really amazing was they were head banging to songs which I used to head bang to 25 years ago. Damn it seems there is a generation gap when it comes to mindset but not when it comes to music. Strange indeed.

Yes I felt old and out of place. I also felt sorry for all those wasted youngsters trying to be with it and cool and hip. Of course I realize that this is how exactly I would have looked and felt and behaved twenty years ago.

Now what I really found amazing was the adoring parents of the youngsters who were performing on stage. How lovingly they looked on as the people around them were going crazy… not only were they smoking drinking and necking but on stage the performers regularly spouted out four letter words quite oblivious to the fact there were adults around. Well there were two gray haired ladies as well who were looking on amazingly without a sign grimace or distaste. Well sometimes people never cease to amaze me.

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