Friday, September 18, 2009

Packed like sardines in a trishaw made for two or three or four?

I was going for a client meeting last evening and saw this sight which I quickly snapped using my camera phone because it was unbelievable. People had squeezed into every conceivable space in this three wheeler. Guess the picture really speaks for itself. It is amazing to what lengths some people would go to in order to save a few bucks. But i guess you cannot blame them the way the cost of living continues to go up these days.
Yesterday I saw that farmers in France were spraying their milk on the ground to protest at low market prices for milk which has dropped so much that they have to sell it for half the price of production. But how come we are paying such high prices for milk in Sri Lanka if the world market prices are so low? Did you know that the prices of food we are paying for specially for essential are much higher than the world market prices?
Well now you know how our politicians manage to drive around in their BMWs.
Guess ignorance is bliss sometimes.

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DD said...

Aha... post Phoenix like political sentiments eh? How very true.
Nice one CJ, nice.