Saturday, September 12, 2009

Frolicking Friday. Groaning Saturday!

Groans! Moans! Grunts! I feel like an old man with arthritis. Well it is a tired and achy CJ tapping in these words on a Saturday night. Why are you feeling this way you might ask? Well guess it is because I did something which I don’t usually do. Go partying. Well if you can call it that. But guess this is my idea of what partying and since this is my blog what I say cannot be argued with.

Just a little bit of background. I have been partying since I was about 16 I have now lost all desire to go out and be seen. In fact when I was going to the blue elephant the cover charge was 150/- and Kapila was serving drinks. Anyway the past few years I have calmed down quite a bit. Wildlife to me is actually meant a trip to the jungle. And an enjoyable time is a gathering of good friends quiet company sharing a bottle of wine over good conversation and maybe sharing the occasional joint.

Anyway Friday began at the gym and since I had just started a new workout which focuses more on fitness I was feeling utterly useless and hopeless by 9.30 in the morning. Well I got a call from my good friend YP at around ten and he was elated that he had news of his first payment from deal had been transferred to him. Well of course this is a cause for celebration and it was agreed that we would meet up for drinks that night. Well it was a tough day and quite a busy one and when I was done it was past eight. And the three of us arrived at the SSC air conditioned bar. Well first a beer and some food was followed by shots of old arrack and coke. Of course the food was delicious. Specially wiping the gravy of the barbecued pork with cheese toast is heavenly and I am unable to find words to describe it. Well as the night continued the crowd of three became eight and a good time was being had by all. Towards midnight everyone decided to head to Sopranos for some karaoke. I must confess that this was the first time I have been there. And I was quite intrigued by it all. But oh boy some of them were singing really badly. And it really hurt my ears. On the other hand two of the people who were with us sounded absolutely brilliant. Well from Sopranos it was to Sugar we headed. At one in the morning it was kind of dull but gosh by two the place was rocking. The music was good and we were having a great time and I must confess that I enjoyed myself too. The ultimate treat however was to be eating a sugar hot dog at three in the morning. I still wish I could have had two or three of them.

I was drinking the whole night but I was not drunk just high and buzzed. But nevertheless waking up on Saturday morning I was hung over as hell. I would have liked nothing better than to sleep in the whole day. But sadly there is no rest for the wicked and I had to be the driver for my wife and her friend and bunch of kids. Well I did manage to get in another hour or so of sleep and managed to drive out of the house by 11.30 or so.

Even though I had taken a long shower and had breakfast I was still not feeling all that great. In fact it was agonizing. My joints hurt with every step I took and my eyes were red and there was an overall sense of what I call AMDG better known in the vernacular as a case of ali meali dubala gathiya

Well I had to pick our friend and her Kid from Colombo 5 and then drop the kids at a lunch somewhere past Battaramulla then take the ladies out for lunch and then go back to pick the kids up once more. And then drop our friend and her kid back home before I could crawl back into my bed and sleep some more. Damn it! This was lot of driving around to be doing whilst having a hangover. Well I did give it my best and managed to conclude project successfully without harm to anyone or anything. Being offered a beer at the place where the kids were being dropped helped. As well as a nice lunch at Amrit Masala. With Naan and Biriyani and paneer curry followed by lassie was heavenly.

Generally I get sleepy after a heavy meal and now this situation increased two fold. And on the way back to pick up the kids I got the munchies once more and ended up picking up ice cream at the McDonalds drive through.

Even though I thought I might not make it to the end the long drive finally was over and I did manage to crawl back into bed and here I am right now still weary. This is the time I ponder why on earth do I have to drink? Sadly I will forget what it felt like till my next drink.


ViceUnVersa said...

Hi CJ! Hullo Hullo Hullo!

Saw the letters cj on LD's blog post so thought I must drop by. Sorry I have missed your blog for so long. My bad!

Good to see you, to see you, good.

ViceUnVersa said...


Sticking to Absolut/Red Bull throughout the night works very well for me. Try it.

Next time? - Anjelo