Friday, September 4, 2009

Feeling Chee-ted!

Firstly the spelling mistake on the header for this article is intentional. This might give you an idea of who this rant is about.

I am frothing mad right now. We worked hard on a project got everything approved and now the client tells us that part of the commissions (creative agency commission for those in the industry) we are entitled to which is usual business practise will not be given to us. This is very very sad as this is a top company in Sri Lanka. What really infuriates me is tht if we were told before at the time of being briefed then we would not have accepted the assignmet. Sadly for an agency once the main creative idea is done they have already incurred the main cost. So if the job is done it is a loss. Because the creative minds are the highest paid. Also there is an opportunity cost as well.

Sadly if I decline the job at this stage there will be three other agencies who will be willing to do it accepting the conditions laid down by the client. Sadly the client would not have enough brainwidth to realise the quality difference. Sadly the most logical thing for me to do is to bite my tongue and take on the job thereby minimising my losses. But it makes me feel like an absolute looser. It is a very sad situation when one industry does not have professional respect for another. But this has been brought about by the increased levels of competition we encounter in the ad world today. And it is the ad industry itself that has brought this situation about. Well guess we all live and learn. All I can do right now is show an imaginary finger at my client and say "chee chee wede kethai."

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Dee said...

some clients suck...true that...