Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racist Dogs!!!

Well I admit that the headline was meant to catch the attention of the reader. Sorry this is not some rant about how our locals suck up to foreigners. Yes they do. And I have been witness to several ugly situations where we have had the Sri Lankan equivalent of Apartheid. Well that?s for later. But more importantly this is an interesting story actually about cats and dogs.
The gym I go to has a stray cat which has adopted the place as its home. And a lot of people fuss over it and give it food. However it does not let itself get rubbed and petted by everyone only the foreigners have the privilege of rubbing the tummy of the tabby.
When I say foreigners I mean ?Whiteskins? or Caucasians if you would like to be politically correct. When a trainer told me this I did not believe him. But he went onto explain that the foreigners actually bring cat food packs and feed the cat whilst the locals would be throwing crumbs of some bread or bun they would be eating. And since there is a fair number of Caucasians who frequent the gym the cat has been able to spot a trend that he gets a better quality of food from the pale faces. And therefore gives them better treatment.
I was having a smoke outside office and mentioning this to a colleague when he told me that even in the tourist towns like Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna you see the stray dogs on the beach behaving in such a manner.
Well guess sucking up and kissing ass is not limited to only the human species.

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