Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can you guess who sings this song?

Gentlemen of the jury
The judge's speech began
The scene was a crowded courtroom
And the judge a stern old man.

This prisoner here before you
Is a social enemy
A lady of the evening
And you know the penalty.

Her eyes reflect the nightlife
Her cheeks are red with paint
But I knew her mother, gentlemen
Why, her mother was a saint.

Now, I know that she's not like her
And yet she might have been
If it hadn't been for
Pettin' parties, cigarettes and gin.

We took the night life off the streets
And brought it in our own homes
While girls beguiled with lipstick
Danced to saxophones.

We opened up the underworld
To the ones we loved so well
So tell me gentlemen
Is it right to send her to a cell.

If she drinks, well, you taught her
And if she smokes, you showed her how
So gentlemen, do you think it's right
To condemn her now.

And when you're in that juryroom
Just remember there and then
That for every fallen woman
There's a hundred fallen men.

And before you render a verdict
On what this girl has done
Just remember there's a man to blame
And that man might be your son.

Now gentlemen that's my story
My testimony stands
This girl is my own daughter
And the case is in your hands.

I heard these lyrics sometime back as I was in the jungles of Wasgamuwa chilling out in the night. My friend just picked up his guitar and sang this and I was floored by the power of the lyrics. Of course AS had a deep voice which reminds you of Tom Waits and it really sounded great. I was asked to guess he who sings this song. And for the life of me I could not. Believe it or not it is a Jim Reeves song.

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