Saturday, September 5, 2009

A lazy saturday that was not to be

Woke up late today and wanted to do absolutely nothing... I even canceled my appointment with my trainer at the gym as well. A long day of doing sweet nothing lay ahead of me and I was looking forward to it like a kid looking forward to a treat. Woke up late past seven thirty. Mmmm cofee and ciggerates are so good as you wake up... Well the next couple of hours were spent wallowing in nothingness just hanging out on the net chatting to a couple of friends till there was a knock on my door and the maid came in with her face ashen. Well now the maid only speaks tamil with a smattering of Sinhalese and I on the other hand speak NO tamil not even a smattering. Well with much difficulty she tells me that her daughters huband has died and that she needs to leave for her home town. The poor lady was crying too. Deep down the cynical side of my brain was wondering if this was one of her cunning creations to go home early and bum some money off me. Well if anyone is reading this right now I can see you thinking to yourself what a heartless barstard this guy is. But seriously we have had so many servants I have heard and virtually seen them all. And this kind of thing is quite possible. We have had someone whose mother died twice. Well anyway the bottom line was that she had to go what I did not anticipate was her request for me to drop her at the main bus stand in Pettah.
Suddenly my plans for an afternoon nothingness shattered. I could have refused but sometimes I am too much of a nice guy and cannot say no. And of course there I was a couple of minutes later driving down to Pettah. Leaving nothingness behind.
Well now we are stuck without a maid once they go you never know if they will come back till you see them at your door once again. Well this means it is going to be a night mare for a couple of days or weeks more likely as she has wanted two weeks off starting from the sixteenth. Well I have always wanted to have two maids in the house. Actually not a maid but rather an appu. Firstly it makes more economic sense because when the maid takea off for a couple of days we spend more money on ordering food than it would cost to hire a second maid. Well I dropped her off at the main bus stand and now am foot loose and fancy free for the next couple of hours. So here I am tapping this away on my blackberry at the Urban Kitchen more popularly known as UK. Well that is another post I guess.
Just to add a post script once she had left my wife called me and told me that the maid does NOT have a daughter. Which means all this was some kind of scam to get out of the house. Guess she thought she could fool me better than the wife and therefore told me this story and the gullible fool I am I sawllowed it hook line and sinker. :(

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