Saturday, September 19, 2009

I thought I was going to meet the lady of my dreams…

I dream about her charms everyday… the seductive memories of what she offers fill me with desire even while I am at meetings.I want to hold them in my arms… bury my mouth and take a big bite out of her deliciousness… feeling the gooiness in my mouth…. Damn this chocolate cake tastes really good!
He he I got you didn’t I? Ohh you narrow minded people. You thought I was going to write something naughty and dirty. Well sadly I am not and I hope by now you realise that you are not pure as you would like to think you are. I am in a bit of a crazy mood and thought I would tease you a little bit before getting down to the real point of my story.
The lady I am talking about runs a small home baking service called Sits. And she makes the most amazingly delicious desserts and chocolate cake which one can only fantasise about. Hence the title to the post. If you have ever seen cake in a luminous green box with a small signature logo that’s stuff baked by her. Well if you ever had the chance to sample one of her wares then you would appreciate the sensual words I used to at the beginning of this post.
Also if you happen to go to the Odel warehouse on high level road and sample some of the cup cakes which are available for 100/- these are baked at sits and it costs just 60/- there.
Well we have been ordering hundreds of cakes and desserts from Sits from the time we got to know of her. You will not believe how smoothly a meeting can go if you start it off with some delicious gooey freshly baked chocolate cake. Yes you order it over the phone and it would be ready for you in three hours. Though we have been ordering tons of stuff from her I have never had the opportunity to speak to her and meet her as it is always one of my colleagues who would do it. Well today it was going to be different. I had ordered a birthday cake which would be ready by 3 in the afternoon and since we were not working on a Saturday there was no one to pick it up. Hence I had to do it myself. I must say I was looking forward to meeting this person. Who made my meetings less miserable and my never ending trips to the gym… well never ending. Believe it or not I was excited! I wanted to know what Sita Goonetilleke looked like. I wanted to shake her hand get down on my knees kiss her feet and worship her and thank her for giving me a little piece of heaven on earth once in a while. Well it was with great anticipation I drove to Kalinga place to pick up another of her delicious chocolate cakes.
When you visit her house you realize that she is doing this for the love of baking rather than purely for making money. I knocked on the door with great trepidation my heart beating fast. And then it opened slowly and a smiling maid welcomed me and asked for the name of the order. Sadly Sita was too busy baking to talk to me. And I suddenly became too shy to ask if I could say hello to her.
Right now as I tap away blissfully onto my keyboard I am content and at peace. A lovely big slice of chocolate cake is comfortably sitting in my belly curled up with some nice elephant house ice cream. Sadly the glutton in me wanted more after all writing is a strenuous task and has to be rewarded. Thankfully I was told that the dog being the cunning fellow he is has managed to take the cake which was on the dining table out of the box and eaten all of it without any of us knowing. Lucky Dog!

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