Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shouldnt what is good for the goose be good for the gander?

Well isn’t that the whole idea of democracy that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. But I have been seeing many situations where this is not the case. Where certain people are above the law and only us normal people are subject to it. I see this virtually every day when I go to the gym. There is a famous ministers son who comes in various vehicles all unregistered. There is one vehicle which I have seen him using for over a year but still it does not carry the sri lankan registration plates. Well I know politicians are scum and they really don’t have any idea of decency and are supposed to behave in this manner. However today something really surprised me. I was on the way for a meeting down Dutugemunu street when a huge Toyota Land Cruiser without the number plates (only having the CC plates) overtook us and hogged the road. He was going on the wrong side of the road as well. My Driver pointed out to me that this vehicle belonged to one of our leading cricketers. He lives in the same area and he says that this guys is seen driving a number of vehicles using the same registration plates. He also pointed out that this gentleman always drove on the wrong side of the road. Even when the road was chockablock with traffic. What he said really surprised me. He said that a lot of people gave way to him when they realized who he was. For some strange reason this really infuriated me.

Now not only do we have to take shit from politicians but we also have to take shit from cricketers. Does there fame and fortune justify behaving in this manner? I don’t think so.

What really bothers me as how I and all the people around happen to tolerate this kind of nonsense. I know how people are afflicted with road rage during rush hour. I have seen how they toot horns shake fists and generally behave in a bullish fashion to each other. A politicians vehicle has an armed escort and we have to give way and shut up and put up so to speak; if not we could risk injury to life and limb. But a cricketer? How can we let him walk all over us or drive all over us in this instance and still smile and put up with it? Have we been trodden on so much by the powers that be that we have become shivering masses of jelly without a strong bone in us? Sadly I think the answer is yes to all of the above. And what is worse is that I am quite comfortable to sit and watch and grumble without lifting a finger to do anything about it.

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