Monday, August 10, 2009

Shammed Shamed and Scammed

Ahhh there are some days which just start out wrong. Today was one of the. I hope I will not have to say is. I woke up late. Had to drop the Mrs. off at the ladies college vocational institute cos she is conducting some holiday classes for kids. And so had to give my quick cardio session at the gym a miss cos we have monday morning meetings sharp at nine.
Well I was talking to a colleague on my mobile. As I drove out of fifth lane. And Shivers who is there but two constables. I saw them... they saw me. It was a moment out of a movie. Cut to me trying to hide my phone and pretend it was something else. Cut to them putting their hand out trying to stop me. Cut to me giving an incredulous look as if asking is it really me you are stopping. Cut to the cop nodding with an evil grin.
Well i stop the vehicle one walks over to me and asks me for my license. Which I hand over. Then he looks at me expectantly and says you know you have to collect your phone from the courts. This is a non-finable offence. Uggh what can I do. I can be a model citizen and hand over my phone, spend hours in court and also not be able to get work done properly for a couple of days because all my emails and stuff are in it. Or I can be the usual Sri Lankan and decide to try and getaway with it by greasing the palm of the cop. Sadly I chose the latter. And what is really really bad was that I had only a 2000 rupee note in my purse. So grudgingly I pull it out and slide it into the hand of the cop who gives me my Driving license back. I told him this is all I have in my purse hoping that I might get some change. He tells me its OK don't worry about it probably thinking I was handing him a low value note. I would love to see his face when he realises what looked like a twenty is actually something which is 100 times more valuable. Well guess my loss is his gain.
The worst part is I have a hands free kit in my car. It was right next to me. I could have easily hooked it up. And to add insult to injury the speaker on the black berry is quite good and I could have easily spoken using that. Well at least now I will learn a proper lesson. Specially since I have paid for it.
Well it is a busy week ahead for me and I the last thing I should be doing is be seated here typing away at my blog. I am quite surprised that I have uploaded three posts in a period of less than 24 hours. I hope this streak continues and I can keep up the momentum. Bye for now my wide reading public.

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