Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crime Seeing (aka When looks can kill - a true story)

People always say that its harmless to look. But guess these days thats not a good thing. You can be punished for looking. Well the government is getting ready to punish you for breaking the law if you look at porn on your computer. And now the spouses of those keeping the law are punishing people for the crime of looking. In this case at their behinds.
She was pretty and good looking married to an equally good looking, rich criminal lawyer who had a successful career defending those who lead a life of crime.
He was a poor boy from the outstations coming to make a living in the city. He was a trainer at the gym I go to and was popularly known as Kalu Jagath. He was dirt poor and was trying hard to make ends meet. Living with his wife in Ratmalana in a little room he used to travel to Colombo 5 by bus sometimes at 4 in the morning to be at the gym by 5.30.
His wife became pregnant recently adding to his concern about his financial stability. He was good in his work. And was liked by everyone.
Infact lots of ladies at the gym used to get him to do their streching because it was believed that his streching was very good due to his experience as a masseur. Some of these ladies used to wear short shorts, And there is plaenty of opportunity to touch and feel when you are streching someone dressed like that. However no one reported anything negative about this boy. So this is the background to this story...
I had not seen him for a couple of days when I was informed that he was sacked. What is really startling was the reason why he had to go. Because he had been staring at a client's behind as she was jogging on a treadmill. Sadly this client had been an expat wife of a lawyer and they have threatened to sue the gym if this poor boy was not sacked.
To say I was floored was an understatement. Now if you have been to the gym you would see that the treadmilles are right in the front of the hall. Behind sthe treadmills there are a row of striders and behind the striders there is a couple of feet of free space and then a glass door. Apparently this boy was staring from behind the glass door at the lady and she saw him looking at her bum through the mirror in front of her. I must say this lady is amazingly alert. For her to notice someone staring at her from so far away. Well sadly due to her position he was sacked without even an enquiry after all they say money talks and bullshit walks. Well I dont know about this boy being a bullshitter but he sure had to walk away from a job thanks to the idisyncracy of some mad woman who thought her behind was worth looking at.
This is the gym I go to virtually six days a week. Next to work I spend most of my time here. After you start visiting the place a couple of days you tend to realise that all is not what it seems to be. That beneath the posh exterior there lies a complex web of competitiveness, jealousy and undercutting just like you would see in the political arean. And just like as in politics the main reason behind all this is money. You see all the trainers here do a business on the side which is called "PT" which is the short form for personal training. Most of the trainers get a very basic salary which would not be sufficient for them to lead their lives and it is the personal training which gives them their actual income. The gym is a place where you pick up clients. And now the place has been named Bodybar the pun seems more appropriate.
Well this situation has resulted in two things. One is that you can never get a trainer to assist you unless you have money or you have boobs. I believe the reason for this is that there are a higher number of ladies using personal trainers than men. So when someone new comes into the gym and if he gets PT jobs it is at the cost of someone else loosing his income. This has resulted in the second aspect where there is an insane level of rivalry between the trainers.
Since KJ was popular among the ladies I believe another trainer thought he would be a threat to him and somehow set this entire thing up.
But what I am really sad is about the people who own the gym... they are filthy rich. So rich that they have forgotten what it is like to be poor. They just dropped him like a hot potatoe without giving ear to his side of the story even though I believe he would have been proved innocent in a normal court of law. What a shame.

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