Friday, August 28, 2009

Bored beyond Belief

Sometimes I do land myself into the most odd situations. This was one classic example of what happens when you say yes to something on auto reply without realizing what it is all about.
Well the background to this is a couple of weeks back my wife informs me that one of her friends hubby's want us to be at their table for some function which is actually a cocktail because he is becoming the president or something like that of this association... well these people are not really people we hang out with regularly... maybe once in a blue moon. Anyway I thought maybe this guy wanted to use us as decorations on his table (not that we are wall flowers) and agreed. A couple of days later an invitation arrived. And the venue had changed to BMICH from the Hilton. Oh damn well still guess i could handle it so I thought. On the day of the event I had a look at the inviation and nearly collapsed when I read what event I had let myself get invited to: The Annual Academic Sessions of the College of Surgons" I wish I had a stroke and was bed ridden at that moment with my mind active because it would have been less boring than this function. Well we did try and arrive at the function fashinably late hoping that we would not be allowed in (after all the invite said be in your seats by 5.45) No such luck. We go sit down make sure that we show our beautiful faces to the lady that invites us and get prepared to be bored. And I must confess sadly in this particular function I was absolutely right. How I hoped that I was dead wrong. Well we Sat through nearly two hours of speeches and presentations. All of which ranged from mildly boring to the extremely boring. And nothing like to start off a boring session looking at a lot of pompous men in cloaks looking smug and feeling more important than they are. Well for once I was thankful that my eldest daughter was a fussy child. She kept calling us and pestering us to come home till she was working her self up to having some kind of break down. I believe it was due to the scare issue from earlier on. So thanking our lucky stars for having a legitimate genuine excuse to sneak out of the place instead of waiting for another 2 hours we scooted off. Heaving a huge sigh of relief and then decided to buy some chinese as a treat for the kids and went home. Phew what a narrow shave we had.

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