Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doesn't it feel great to be in power?

Here I am sitting in my car and typing this little note as I wonder what it must feel like to be in power. I had the misfortune of attending a dance recital where our beloved first lady happened to be the chief guest. I should have known better and avoided attending the event today alltogether even at the risk of throwing away good money. On the bright side I console myself thinking that it could have been worse.
Well anyway to get back to the story firstly to get to the Lionel Wendt took a huge amount of time. Thanks to the roads being closed for our dearest first lady to get to the event. Secondly we had to park further away than usual cos the parking area in front of the wendt has been cordoned off for her escort. So I get to the Wendt after a long walk and sweat pouring down me. Alas I realise that this was not going to be the end of me having to suffer for her security. Women and children were lined in one side while the men were asked to line on another. And all of us were searched. Quite thoroughly I might add. So thoroughly I might have enjoyed it if I was the other way inclined. I sometimes wish that it were the females that had to search the men. Sadly that's not going to happen anytime soon. Anyway I finally managed to make it to my seat. Actually I must say one part of me was quite relieved that such a thorough search had been done. Because I felt so much safer. Infact the thought did cross my mind of what could happen if she was targetted. How many children would have died. Of course one could argue why did she come at all? Firstly by not coming she would not have endangered the lives of nearly sevenhundred people who were at the event. Secondly the economy could have saved quite a bit of money. If you saw the amount of vehicles which were part of her convoy you would have agreed with me too. I saw at least one Mercedes Benz S class. A couple of Landrover defenders. Then the brats too had come with their own escorts along with their own BMWs. All together there would have been more than twenty vehicles used by these three NIPs (Non Important People)
On the other hand I was wondering if it was as wonderful and enjoyable as one would imagine. Firstly not knowing when you would be attacked. Secondly the inconvenience of not having a moment of privacy. Doing everything in front of your security. I have heard people laughing about our second in command - who is well known for his weakness for women- having to get a pharmacy opened in the middle of the night so he could by Viagra and this is in full view of his security.
Coming to think of it I would rather have mylife whcih is not as complicated.
This was written on Friday night

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