Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloody Bustards

I was taking my kids for a party on sunday night. And had the pleasure of avoiding a bus which was coming around a blind corner at high speed on the wrong side of the road. Another few minutes further down the road yet another bus was driving behind me at extremely high speed once more on the wrong side of the road. It tried to overtake me but I generally don't give way to bullies on the road. But the bus swung towards me and my automatic reactions took over and I cut to aside allowing this idiot to over take me.
I was livid.
And as I was driving to my destination memories of all the times buses had messed up my driving experience as well as endangered my life came flooding back. It made me realise that it is buses and trishaws which create or at least contribute to much of the chaos we experience on the road today. I always thought politicians were a form of low life but now people who drive buses join them too.
I don't think one can really expect these guys to behave like civilized people. Hence what I would like to see is some kind of monitoring device attached to the bus itself which would record speeds and driving patterns. This should be monitored by the police and if there are any violations the drivers should be fined.
Ok now having said all this I have one more challenge which is to ensure that Hon Dallas the menace gets to read this blog.

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