Saturday, August 22, 2009

An amazing read.

Saturday night. It is nearly midnight. I was sleepy but I had to read few chapters of a book for church the next morning. The first eight chapters were less than twenty pages. I had been on my feet the entire day and was feeling tired. But I thought I should read these pages anyway the only problem could be that I might fall asleep.
He he actually that was the least of my problems. The fact was I could not fall asleep and ended up reading the book to the very end.
My adventure in faith. Wow what a powerhouse read it was. I thought the book might be full of hell and damnation and boringm But it was not. It was simple and easy to read. But the story was so powerful. I go to the same church that Pastor Colton founded. But even I did not know his background and story. Some would say to have such blind faith would be foolish. But I say it is absolutely brave.

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