Thursday, August 13, 2009

A loving violent family??????

I am sure everyone one has already heard about the case of Nipuna Ramanayake. The boy who was abducted by the son of a police big shot and then tortured and about to be shot before he was found and released.
Much has been written about this incident and I don?t think I can add anymore to the disgust which has been expressed by my fellow netizens. But there is one aspect about this story which really amazes me. Which is, how this boy?s entire family gathered around him and supported him in his vindictive deed.
I heard that when Nipuna was taken to the house of SSP Gunawardene by his son that the son had told the mom that he had brought a present for her. And the mom had not only hammered young Nipuna but also stood on his face and asked him if he can feel her weight?
I was trying to put myself in a similar situation. Firstly I don?t think my dad would have supported me in something like this. And most certainly definitely not my mom. No way! I cannot believe that a lady, a mother could be full of so much violence.
It made me think what kind of background these people would have come from? What a lot of violence this family would have been exposed to for a son and a mother to get together and harm an innocent boy. I am so glad that I did not grow up in a family like this.

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Dee said...

bad backgrounds i guess.