Friday, August 28, 2009


I think I heard of this phrase when l was watching sex and the city. But it seemed so appropriate for the title of this blog post. Well I have always been of the opinion that women and women can't get on even if they are the best of friends. And this little incident seems to prove it.
Well this is about a friend of my wifes. Above average intelligence quite aggressive and the kind of person who you would describe as a go getter. To be honest my wife is quite the opposite somehow they manage to get on. The otherday the missus and I were supposed to go out for a function and the kids were supposed to go to this ladies house for a sleepover with her kids. This was planned a couple of weeks in advance. However sadly the night before one of my kids got scared and refused to budge from the house and sleep away from us. Well it seems our friend had got quite upset that her kids were dissapointed because ours could not sleep over. Well so she says in that case let her kids come and spend the day at our place and have lunch and dinner. Which was fine by us. But sadly no one appeared at lunch time even though my wife had cooked extra for the visitors. When she was called the phone had been answered in an off handish manner and my wife had been informed that "We will be there eventually" My wife later told me that she knew that the kids would not be visiting and that the false information had been given out of spite so that we could cook more and be prepared for them and in turn waste a lot of food.
This made me think to myself gosh how petty can people get. This lady I am talking about is quite strong willed and the last one you would have expected to retalliate in such a petty manner. And to add to it she is a born again christian. Well at least that kind of people are supposed to have more patience than most. Well so now there is some kind of tension in the relationship for the moment. Hopefully it will come to pass like a dark cloud which goes past the sun. But isnt it strange how women react to one another in the most strangest of ways. What really surprises me is that the two ladies are not angry with one another about the whole thing; just distant. Oh well such is life.

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