Sunday, August 30, 2009

"7 Days in advertising - The brick house chronicles" a must read for those who work in the ad trade.

Well I was doing some loafing on a saturday afternoon under the excuse of working. It was around five in the evening at LP. I happened to browse into Lake House bookshop bought way too many books than I should and was about to pay the bill at the counter when I spotted a title called 7 days in advertising. It was high on a shelf behind the cashier. Infact it was so high he had to get someone else to get it down as he was not tall enough to reach for it. When I looked at the back I thought it was written by Carl Muller and without further ado I paid for it and bought it. Cos I am a rabid lover of the writings of the gentleman. Well I did not realise that circumstances had enabled a read gem of a book to fall into my hands.

Firstly it was not by Carl Muller. It was by some other dude whose name I can not remember now but I know it is a pen name cos if his actual identity is found he will be screwed dude and tattooed by some of the more agressive types in the industry today.

The main reason being that it is obviously written about Lintas. Since I did not know many of the people in the agency during the time that was written I shared it with another colleague of mine who had worked there for a long time. He told me that all the people described there in were one hundred percent accurate.

This was written about the period which I would like to say was the beginning of the end of LDB. And it basically showed the people within the agency as a bunch of parasites whose main task was to suck the agency dry while trying to look as if they were doing some work.

Overall it is a bitch fest. But then I am not denying I enjoy a good bitch session about other agency folk occassionally. Ok I admit more than occassionally. No one is really named in person. But the nick names given make it quite evident who he is talking about. Well knowing some of the people personally the book paints quite an accurate portrait to say the least. Some of the charachters referred to as "The Martin" "The Paul" and "The Burgher Boy" and if you have been in the industry long enough you know who all of them are just by the nick. The most intriguing nick was of course "The Latha". Well I am not going to give you guys the entire story line. But I must confess I think it was an interesting read. And suggest you go buy the book and help a fellow advertising person to get a life.

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