Sunday, October 18, 2009

My 3F week!

Friday 10 p.m I am still at my desk when I should have been unwinding and having a few beers with the boys. Sadly it was not to be because this week I/we have been busy as a bee buzzing around from one meeting to another and doing stuff hoping that no one will see the cracks appearing in the fa├žade. There were so many things which have come up which I thought I should be writing about. But sadly I have not had the time to sit down to type a few words. In fact I have not had time to say hi to some friends. The highlights of the week begin with three F’s! No it is not the “F” word. Though I wish sometimes I could say that to a few of the people who I depend on to earn my livelihood. Isn’t it strange how you can love the industry you are in but hate what you do? He he now you know why this is called the oxymoron chronicles. Well the three “F”s are FOOD, FUNERAL and FRACAS.


Nothing much to write about other than the fact that I had to entertain someone at the Lagoon and wow the food was absolutely awesome. I believe Lagoon is one of my favourite restaurants which are on the top end of my FRL (Favourite Restaurant List) Yes the list is long and ever expanding. The highlight dish of the evening was Fried calamari with tamarind sauce. Damn that was delicious. So good that I am feeling hungry right now.


Sadly one of my close friends mom passed away. This was a close friend and sadly I did not have time to visit the parlor and condole with them but only managed to squeeze a few minutes to actually go to the funeral.

However this was no ordinary funeral. It was not because it was full of pomp and pageantry. It was an austere and simple affair. My friends mom was a teacher at Royal who was known as Madam to everyone. And it seems she has touched many lives because of the number of people who were present at her funeral. And they were genuinely sad. There were Lawyers, CEOs and senior government officials all united by respect and love and concern for this great lady. I have never had the opportunity of meeting her. In fact I had heard that she was a “tough nut” but it seems she has had a profound impact on many. Personally I felt her loss was more of an impact to her students than to the family she left behind. Though I really don’t have any basis for saying this. Guess you can call it male intuition.


Well it seems that there seems to be a major problem amongst two members of the minor staff where I work. And sadly it seems I need to get involved in this matter to sort it out. It is completely unrelated to work. And on the face of it you could call it downright silly. But it seems that some jealous individuals amongst the minor staff have been circulating rumors about another lady who is a co worker saying that she is having an affair with another colleague who is the age of her son. Why? The only reason being that they sit together and share their lunch!!!!! The lady is boarded while the boy brings food from home. Naturally you can imagine what kind of lunch would be provided by a cheap boarding house. But my first reaction to this episode when it was brought up to me was “What the FUCK?” Can these buggers just do their job and go home instead of trying to poke their nose into other people’s business. Firstly what business is it of those people even if those two people were having an affair? None right? And anyway if they have time to be gossiping that means they have too much time on their hands. These days we are so busy they cannot have idle time on their hands if they are doing a proper job. And it is a waste of my time focusing my time on sorting out internal issues not really connected to work when I should be spending my time improving the business.

Overall I have found out that most of the people who belong to the minor staff are absolutely full of jealousy. They are petty, selfish and cruel. Their primary aim is “What can I get” and it seems they really don’t give a damn about others.

In fact from here on I have made a firm decision that no more will I hire people instead I will outsource all the duties which involve minor staff thereby relieving me of the task of playing nanny.

Well this week was a six day week and it did end on a high. Literally because myself and a few mates ended up at the CH for an afternoon post work drink which went on till eight pm. But in the end it was a good and productive week which did not get F’d up.

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