Friday, October 9, 2009

Blackouts should not black out lives!

My neighbor passed away today due to the most unusual reason. Because of a power cut. I know it’s laughable isn’t it. But sadly it is not funny. He was in the Kalubowila hospital and when the island wide power cut took place this morning they realized that the hospital did NOT have a backup generator. Which meant the entire hospital was in the dark literally. He was hooked up to some equipment which did not give him the required support and his life slipped away. His son told me that three people died in the same ward this morning and that when he went to the hospital at four in the morning it was pitch black.

I am cold with anger at the careless attitude of the powers that be who can let such a situation come about. Apparently only the general hospital has a stand by generator. I thought our ministry of health was more capable than this. But I think it was my fault. I should have expected less.

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Dee said...

that's CRAZY. was this highlighted in the papers??