Saturday, October 3, 2009

Four Meetings and a Funeral...

Wooow what a week it has been. But being busy is good. I love the stress it stimulates me and gets my heart pumping and makes me feel alive. But this was one week I thought I had bitten more than I can chew. And I am glad to say that I proved myself wrong.
Amidst all the rush I heard the old lady I used to help called Gladys who I had written about in a previous post was on her death bed. I got a call from her daughter and she said "Mummy Pana Adinawa", I wanted to go and see her but the work situation was such I just did not have the time. I thought I would go and see her at the end of the week. Much to my regret she died that evening.
This made me realize that sometimes being able to afford to buy things alone is not sufficient if you cant afford to have time for the things you consider important. Yes. I used to help her financially and thought that was sufficient but that was not just enough. There have been many occassions she had called me and asked me to come see her but I just did not have the time I thought if I sent her a few bucks that would be ok! I always kept pushing it off for another day till suddenly there was no time left. This is going to be a burden I will carry on my shoulders for a long time. And my visit to a sick person actually became a visit to a funeral.
Friday was the day the work pressure peaked. I had four important meetings two of them new business presenatations. And on Friday morning we had not even finalised what we were going to present that evening. Of course ideas were cracked presentations were put together and major disasters from panic attacks were avoided. And all went well to say the least at least. I am sure that if we did not dazzle them with our brilliance at least we baffled them with our bullshit. I had to somehow skip two of the four meetings but thank goodness I have capable enough people in my team who were able to handle this without much ado.
But it was nearly seven in the evening on a rainy Friday night I headed to find the place where the body was. It was rainy and the parliament road is full of traffic. And it took nearly an hour to get to the location as it was in some far off corner in Battaramulla.
I actually stepped into a different world. It was an extremely small house down a dingy lane cramped with similar houses. It could be classified as one step above a hut. As I went in and sat down I realised that most of them were drunk like skunks. I just cant understand why a funeral is an excuse to drink? I had the opportunity to speak to her grand son and daughter. Apparently originally the body was going to be displayed in a funeral parlour and even the payment had been made for it. However the grand son had come in and made a scene and decided to take her body to his house and keep it till she was buried as he felt that it was not right. Which I thought was quite a noble deed.
Well anyway Gladys was lying their in a casket looking quite well and peaceful. In fact it seemed there was half a smile on her face. She was in a home surrounded by family who were grieving even though they were intoxicated. Guess she finally found in death what she was yearning for while she was alive.

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